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Many have written that Muhammad Ali transcended sport. To me he did so much more. He "went beyond" as only a truly authentic leader can. He transcended race, national boundaries, religious distinctions, and bigotry. He even transcended his own braggadocios persona as he grew, matured, and served his globally enriching purpose.

With a leader of such wide-ranging impact, it is impossible to isolate just a few principles of his true greatness. While all leaders must pass, the great ones "pass-on" what is important by example, by how they lived. For me, Ali "passed-on" four great leadership principles through his extraordinary well-lived life.
During my recent bike ride across America to interview dozens of small town entrepreneurs, I discovered that most of the entrepreneurs we interviewed had a fair amount of experience with the industries their business was in. About one-third of them had worked in the same industry they started their business in. Another third had worked in a related industry. Most of the remaining third were regular users of the products or services and understood the pain points and opportunities from personal experience.

In other words, they knew the market from the customers’ point of view. They knew the products’ features, the competitors, and the missing pieces. Only a small percentage of the successful entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed over the past 20 years have started businesses in markets they knew absolutely nothing about.
On any given day, being a leader requires the ability to be adaptable. Leaders do not have the luxury to retreat to their introverted or extroverted comfort zones, but must instead be "ambiverts" and have a flexible attitude depending on the situation.
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Fast Company 
You might think that by the time people enter the workforce, they would know how to manage their time. And yet in any office, there is someone who creates chaos and bad feelings because of his or her relationship with the clock. As a manager, "You really shouldn’t be the one who has to teach this," says Bruce Tulgan, author of Bridging the Soft Skills Gap, and yet if it’s a business issue, then you do. So how can you teach an employee time management?
Small Business Trends
Whether you’re building out your sales team or just your staff in general, the quality of your small business team can determine your company’s success. To ensure that you put together the best possible group of employees, check out these team building tips from members of our small business community.
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
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