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High-value cargo such as electronics and products that can easily be sold to black market distributors have the largest share of loss value in the United States.

  • 61 percent of cargo thefts occur at truck stops or official rest areas.
  • An estimated $175 million in cargo was stolen in 2015.

The threat of cargo theft continues to grow as criminals improve their methods to avoid detection. What can manufacturers do to protect their high-value shipments?

Start with a barrier seal and consider a layered security approach:

  1. Cable Seals allow for flexibility in both aperture and length and can be marked with simple sequential numbers, up to more complex scannable bar codes and QR codes. Dependent on the cable width, these seals can be ISO-certified.
  2. Bolt Seals are almost always ISO-certified and provide a very high level of physical security, but lack the aperture and length flexibility of a cable seal.
  3. Hybrid Seals such as the Sealock™ SL combine a cable seal plus 100 percent steel J-bar that affixes to the container's keeper bars and prevents them from opening, and is ISO-certified.

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