Stores Media
Intelligence at your service.


Your data powers
the knowledge

Our Natural Language
engine understands
your customers

Bot agents get
smarter through
continuous learning

Bots that adapt to your unique customer experience


Bot Enable Your Business Today

  • Quickly create simple to complex, conversational flows
  • Multi-channel deployment: Web, In-App, SMS, Messenger
  • Escalate to your agents when needed
  • Track performance with real-time analytics dashboard
  • Quick turnkey deployments with Enterprise Integrations
  • Multi-language support
  • Secure messages behind authentication
  • On-Premise, Private Cloud or AWS



User Bot

Respond to your customers 24/7
with automated answers and product recommendations. Escalate to your
agents when needed.

Goals: Reduce Costs, Improve Customer experience.

Agent Advisor

Give your customer service
reps a leg up, providing
instant answers from your knowledge bases that become more intelligent
over time.

Goals: Improve Agent efficiency & Customer experience.

Task Bots

Take appropriate next steps
for issues, cutting down
response times to customers
and resolving new tickets faster.

Goals: Expedite business
process flow.