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The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) identifies and trains aspiring association leaders to establish a pipeline of engaged members that represents NPMA’s diverse membership. The two-year curriculum involves professional development, association training, monthly mentoring and attendance at NPMA events.

Interested? A complete application includes a completed survey, video, and letters of recommendation, so start your application todayThe application process will close on December 8.

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Last month, the Global Pest Management Coalition (GPMC) held its second annual council vote for the 2020 leadership. Each year, the Coalition selects a council of leaders from pest management associations worldwide. These leaders are chosen based on their service, passion and dedication for the industry.

View the appointed GPMC 2020 council members.


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Zach Devries Highlights Exciting Bed Bug and Cockroach Research

Episode 2 of NPMA’s BugBytes Podcast is now available at or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast! In this episode, discover exciting new research from one of the industries brightest new urban entomologists, Zach Devries, as he uncovers groundbreaking information impacting bed bug and German cockroach management. 

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Control Pests in Commercial Kitchens
There are a number of pests such as drain flies and cockroaches that might inhabit drains, cracks and crevices, especially in food services locations. Combine our proven protocol of Nisus products with a TrueTech2000 PowerCart, and you’ll have an unbeatable combination for combating small flies and other pests in commercial kitchens.
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Join us for the 2019 Technology Summit December 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia. Showcasing a mix of business management sessions and interactive breakout groups featuring up-and-coming information and digital technologies for the pest management industry. The conference will feature technology thought leaders and provide a forum for attendees to learn from each other about their technology experiences as well as the current technologies used to enhance daily practices within their pest management businesses.

View the program and register today!

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Member Benefit Highlight
These 2019 guidelines were developed with the NPMA Commercial Committee as a resource for pest management professionals that provide service to the retail food service industry. This guidance is comprised of three sections that all interact together – record-keeping, communication, and integrated pest management.


This guide will help develop a true partnership between the pest control operator and the restaurant or food service client to provide excellent service. 

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Heard From the Hill
NPMA has partnered with National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and many other organizations in a coalition to oppose S. 2563, the Improving Laundering Laws and Increasing Comprehensive Information Tracking of Criminal Activity in Shell Holdings Act, known as The ILLICIT CASH Act. The bill allegedly focuses on catching enterprises but will actually have a chilling effect on many small businesses in the pest management industry and across the economy. 

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Members Make Headlines

The Professional Women in Pest Management of New England attended the New England Pest Management Association (NEPMA) Fall Training and Trade Show in Taunton, MA to spread awareness for their chapter and promote their upcoming Leadership Summit.

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Weekly Headlines


There’s bugs, and then there’s extra bad bugs, and Utah is home to one of five invasive pests experts say is on the move and spreading its range, which could include your home.

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Outbreak News Today

Officials with the Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department (SWNPHD) have confirmed a hantavirus case in the district, the first such case reported in six years.

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Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

Wisconsin residents have reported heavy tick infestations, well beyond the insect's typical season of May to September.

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West Virginians are being told to be on the lookout for an invasive insect.

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CT Post

Teachers reported getting sick from mold and other environmental hazards, including rodent droppings, extreme heat and cold, dust, asbestos and more.

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