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MHISolutionsmag.com—2018 MHI Annual Industry Report highlights NextGen innovations and how to overcome the top barriers to adoption. For the fifth consecutive year, MHI and the Deloitte Consulting LLP research team—led by Scott Sopher, principal and leader of the Global Supply Chain Practice—queried more than 1,100 manufacturing and supply chain leaders to evaluate the influence a range of trends and next generation (NextGen) technologies have had. Executives from a variety of industries weighed in on their supply chain business impact, as well as cybersecurity concerns and workforce challenges.
MHI Blog—MHI partnered with Competitive Edge for MODEX 2018 to create a value-added New Exhibitor Onboarding service to help our first-time exhibitors maximize ROI. Competitive Edge evaluators also looked for exhibits throughout the show that displayed imaginative, creative, and effective ideas and practices. Here are some highlights from the full report.
As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on the Importance of CSS for Controlled Growth.
Manufacturing and distribution centers are finding that a rapid increase of business can cause issues for both employees and customers. The combined knowledge of the Conveyor and Sortation Systems (CSS) Industry Group of MHI can provide the expertise needed to control growth while increasing productivity and reducing waste.


Modern Materials Handling—New research released by Accenture explores how CEOs, COOs and CFOs must be involved in efforts to transform the supply chain from support function to competitive differentiator so digital growth opportunities are not missed.
Western Pacific Storage Solutions, Inc.
Vidir Inc.
EBN—With the ability to solve tough challenges like data silos and inaccurate replenishment, blockchain is set to radically transform the supply chain industry.
Cryptovest—Ten companies, including Walmart and Nestlé, have formed Food Trust, a consortium that will leverage blockchain technology to the food supply chain.
Facility Safety Gate Selection
Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc.
While most safety gate models are designed and built for specific applications, certain models lend themselves to a specific type of facility. For example, Open Top safety gates are rarely found in distribution centers, but they are popular in production facilities. We took a look at four types of industrial facilities and put together a guide to help you choose the best fall protection system for each one.
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The New York Times—With unemployment low and wages creeping up, companies have an incentive to become more efficient — an exercise that tends to drive economic progress.
The Conveyor & Sortation Systems (CSS) will be presenting a webinar, Impact of E-commerce on Material Handling Industry, on July 11, from 2-3 p.m. (EST). In this webinar, you will come to understand the challenges the changing distribution landscape is bringing to the industry, and how material handling systems (specifically conveyors and sortation systems) are changing to meet those challenges.
FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
Ideal Warehouse Innovations
SupplyChainBrain—Demand volatility has been a challenge for supply chains from the very beginning. With supply chain orchestration, you can create a feedback loop that will hone your supply chain into a model of operational excellence that meets your targets for cost and customer service.
MHI Blog—Although pallet beam deflection limits have no direct bearing on rack safety, improperly placed pallet loads can cause a safety issue when removing them or the individual products or cases stacked atop the pallets.
Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.
MHISolutionsmag.com—For the sixth year, MHI honored the MODEX exhibitors deemed by an expert panel of industry insiders to have created the most innovative products and solutions in our industry. Prior to MODEX in April, exhibitors were invited to submit entries in three different categories: Best New Innovation, Best Innovation of an Existing Product and Best IT Innovation.
MHI’s new Career Forum enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to http://www.mhi.org/careers to find the perfect opportunity for you.
3 Months Free On Your Next Cat® Forklift.
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America
Through August 31, 2018, you can get “3 Months Free” on your next Cat® lift truck lease. Offer includes all IC and electric sit-down counterbalanced lift truck models - up to 12,000 lb. capacities.
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Transport Topics—Commercial applications for automated technology could soon become a reality in certain controlled situations, but broader deployment in congested and high-traffic areas will take awhile, according to ZF CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider.

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SupplyChainBrain—Protecting customer data should always be a top priority for businesses. But doing so is increasingly extending beyond moral responsibility and taking on the form of legal requirement.
SupplyChainDive—Technology has transformed the chief procurement officer’s ability to drive down costs and facilitate collaboration with trading partners. And it is reshaping the job as we know it. Technology now permits chief procurement officers to reimagine the world beyond their familiar four walls, to tie their costs to conscience, and ultimately, not just to save money but to improve lives.
How lean is your sales process?
Atlatl Software
Thanks to new lean manufacturing best-practice technologies, the quoting process has arrived at the doorstep of a lean journey. While it seems like an obvious segue from the shop floor, the quoting, bidding, and engineering modifications needed have been overwhelmingly ignored. If your shop floor is running as lean as possible shouldn't your front office activities?
Get Lean
Inbound Logistics—For most companies, sustainability is not a simple case of "profits vs. planet" but a more subtle issue of people looking for jobs and inexpensive goods versus others who seek a pristine environment. Here’s how your supply chain can satisfy these conflicting motivations to achieve both economic growth and environmental sustainability.
Paying It Forward: LEILY FARROKHVAR, West Virginia University

MHISolutionsmag.com—Leily Farrokhvar is giving the Material Handling Education Foundation Inc. a solid return on the investment it made in her. Farrokhvar, a 32-year-old native of Tehran, Iran, received a scholarship from MHEFI as a doctoral student at Virginia Tech and for the past two years has been an assistant professor at West Virginia University, where she teaches industrial and management systems engineering. She said researching ways to improve the material handling and supply chain industry is her passion, and her enthusiasm is proving contagious..



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