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MHIsolutionsmag.com—Succession planning and identifying talent are imperative for survival, now that the impending surge of Baby Boomer retirements is almost upon us. One key to that shortage is to appeal to millennials—those born between 1981 and 1997. In 2015, this group became the largest in the workforce—and will account for 75 percent of workers in a decade. 
MHI Blog—The outlook for the U.S. economy, global economy and material handling is strong for 2018. Leading economic activity data, low interest rates, favorable tax policies in the United States, a falling greenback, and solid equity markets were all positive dynamics coming together to push material handling orders and overall activity to strong levels at the start of 2018. And a mix of these factors continue to provide reasons to be optimistic about growth overall throughout the year.
As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this episode focuses on Automatic Truck Loading Systems.

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MHI Blog—Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have been seen in manufacturing and warehouse facilities for decades, but recently demand for these solutions as well as newer autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) has skyrocketed. A new report by Interact Analysis forecasts double digit growth in the mobile robot over the next five years from $1 billion in 2017 to $7 billion in 2022. Related software is predicted to add another $3 billion to this total.
Material Handling & Logistics—Supply chain executives should take no comfort in being categorized as a support function. They need to ensure that their supply chain function ensures the sustained growth of their organizations.
Western Pacific Storage Solutions, Inc.
Vidir Inc.
IndustryWeek—Efficiency gains create a first-level shield against rising costs and the fallout from a trade war.
The Washington Post—Amazon.com and other firms may see their shipping rates double, according to a report and an article in The Washington Post and other media sites/sources. Last month, President Trump signed an executive order mandating a government review of the financially strapped Postal Service that could lead to major changes in the way it charges Amazon and others for package delivery.
SupplyChain247—Running out of critical assets can literally shut down operations. Look out for these five asset mismanagement warning signs to ensure this doesn't happen to your business.
Facility Safety Gate Selection
Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc.
While most safety gate models are designed and built for specific applications, certain models lend themselves to a specific type of facility. For example, Open Top safety gates are rarely found in distribution centers, but they are popular in production facilities. We took a look at four types of industrial facilities and put together a guide to help you choose the best fall protection system for each one.
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Trucks.com—The costs of fuel and labor are rising at incredibly fast rates, adding pressure to manufacturers and retailers to raise the price of goods.
International Transport Forum—Automated vehicles promise more safety by eliminating crashes linked to human error. But claims that self-driving cars could avoid 90% of road deaths by eliminating these errors are untested, says a new report by the International Transport Forum.
Logistics Management—We know e-commerce is reshaping logistics, but what technologies are savvy managers leveraging to meet evolving requirements and shifting operational constraints? Here are some insights from leading analysts related to tools that are available now as well as what’s on the horizon.
FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
Ideal Warehouse Innovations
SupplyChainBrain—Legacy systems often get a bad rap as old software that is outdated and difficult to replace. There has always been a belief that somewhere there exists one superior logistics platform that can replace aging systems and transform technical capabilities, providing an advantage over your competition. But perhaps there’s a better solution — working with a third-party logistics provider that’s already developed a solution.
Inbound Logistics—A new charging technology has been deployed in London by a UPS-led consortium. This technology overcomes the challenge of simultaneously recharging an entire fleet of electric vehicles without the need for an upgrade to the power supply grid.
SupplyChain247—It’s common knowledge that one of the highest costs in a DC is labor, and that the most labor time is spent on picking, but what is often overlooked is that the majority of picking time is spent on travel, therefore, the key to reducing labor costs in your DC is to focus on reducing pickers’ travel time.
Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.
Logistics Management—As companies continue to search for the next generation of management talent, the existing workforce is being asked to deliver more than ever before.
The Wall Street Journal—Compensation for supply-chain professionals outpaced broader U.S. wage gains and those for professionals last year, says the Institute for Supply Management, as the costs for making and moving goods increased.
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Transport Topics—There was a 22% decline in thefts in the United States in the first quarter, according to Sensitech’s SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center, compared with the first quarter of 2017. However, the report only includes cargo thefts reported by reliable sources, including transportation security councils, insurance companies and law enforcement organizations.
EBN—While predicting the future is difficult, there are some supply chain fulfillment trends that appear to be making a solid spot for themselves in the top five for the rest of the year.
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