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MHIsolutionsmag.com—The machines that move material and product along supply chains are getting smarter—increasing efficiency, eliminating monotony and collecting mountains of useful data. And, while the Internet of Things (IoT) may sound a bit like just another industry buzz word, it’s not. It is the catch-all phrase for the interconnection of all these different devices, enabling them to send and receive data to one another—and ultimately the end-user.
MHI Blog—Along with digitalization and block chain, chatbots are posed to have a significant impact on supply chain in the near future. In a report released by Eye For Transportation, "Supply Chain Hot Trends: Q2 2017," they started to explore the trend in 2016 and in Q4 of 2016, 79% of respondents said that they weren’t engaging with chatbots in any capacity. However, by Q2 of 2017, it had shifted so that 51% were using them in some way.
Modern Materials Handling—Established guidance systems can now have been joined by new game-changing technologies. Instead of simply moving from Point A to Point B, AGVs and other automatic vehicles now can determine their own route and easily adapt to changes on the facility floor. That opens up a new world that might fit your future.
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EBN—Industry professionals are exploring how brands can utilize trends to connect with the next generation of consumers. Eight trends are emerging as critical to making Retail 4.0 a reality and helping retail thrive in this new environment.
Supply Chain Digest—A new invention by MIT engineers is poised to improve the read rates for passive (battery-less) RFID tags in distribution centers.
MHI Blog—The MHI Solutions Community has planned a fast-paced, information-packed presentation aimed at the customer base of MHI member companies for Tuesday, April 10, the second day of MODEX 2018. MODEX, one of the biggest and most important events on the annual calendar for the manufacturing and supply chain industry, is scheduled for April 9-12 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.
Facility Safety Gate Selection
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While most safety gate models are designed and built for specific applications, certain models lend themselves to a specific type of facility. For example, Open Top safety gates are rarely found in distribution centers, but they are popular in production facilities. We took a look at four types of industrial facilities and put together a guide to help you choose the best fall protection system for each one.
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Modern Materials Handling—The steady growth in square footage among the top third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses belies a fundamental transformation as the market adapts to e-commerce pressures.
SupplyChainBrain.com—A new app can help businesses manage their photos files, and help them settle disputes related to chargebacks that resulted from damaged or inaccurate loads, for example.

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Industry Week—The unprecedented climatic upheaval in 2017 provided one powerful reminder after another, not only of the costly and often tragic realities wrought by climate change, but also of the growing importance of supply chain tools – especially during rebuilding.
Tech Crunch—Blockchaintechnology, which promises to deliver a cheaper and more efficient system of managing logistics, is being adapted by some big names in the industry as well as with some innovative startups. And enormous amounts of time and resources are being invested in blockchain development.
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EBN—No business is immune to cyberattacks, including supply chain businesses. There are six best practices to keep in mind when planning and creating your cybersecurity processes – practices that can help keep sensitive data safe.
Transport Topics—Federal trucking regulators have proposed revised regulatory guidance for truckers driving a commercial motor vehicle for personal use while off-duty.
Reuters—CSX CEO Hunter Harrison has died, just seven months following his move to the Florida-based railroad company from Canada, where he was president and CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. and the Canadian National Railway Company. He is being succeeded, for now, by acting CEO Jim Foote.
Engineering Innovation
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Logistics Management—The year 2017 was not lacking in breaking news articles when it came to the supply chain industry. From Elaine Chao as the next U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary to the U.S. exiting the Paris Agreement, here is a list that represents some of the top articles of the year.
Supply Chain Digest—These "vertical sails" being tested by two European companies offer systems that harness wind power with airborne sails.
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