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EBN—This slideshow provides visualization on six common myths associated with the supply chain. While the importance of supply chain management is clear, the complexities behind it are sometimes based on misconceptions.
MHI Blog—Supply chain has been scrambling to reroute after Hurricane Harvey devastated south Texas. Because supply chain across the country is so interconnected, one link in the chain being down can have a ripple effect.
Modern Materials Handling—A new report, Monetizing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), from PwC and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation shows that 31% of manufacturers are implementing Internet of Things enhancements to their internal operations.
Supply Management—Supply chains are not immune to terrorist attacks. According to the British Standards Institution, terrorist attacks on supply chains have increased 16 percent year-on-year. The number of attacks hit 346 in 2016.
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CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly—According to consultancy FTR, a portion of the country's trucking network will be impaired for as long as two weeks due to Hurricane Harvey. Regional services will be affected most.
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies—A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate the development of HTT’s Hyperloop Transportation System was signed between Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board.
Facility Safety Gate Selection
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While most safety gate models are designed and built for specific applications, certain models lend themselves to a specific type of facility. For example, Open Top safety gates are rarely found in distribution centers, but they are popular in production facilities. We took a look at four types of industrial facilities and put together a guide to help you choose the best fall protection system for each one.
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Modern Materials Handling—As e-retailers and direct-to-consumer manufacturers search for ways to tackle the high rate of customer returns, reverse logistics has become a leading topic. The National Retail Federation predicts that online sales will be $427 billion to $443 billion by the end of 2017; the problem is that about one-third of Internet purchases are returned, compared with brick-and-mortar returns of about 9%.
Spend Matters—As recovery efforts remain in full force following Hurricane Harvey, supply chain and logistics professionals have their work cut out for them. These are the top supply chain areas Harvey has disrupted.

As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on Robotics and Software.

In this video, see how some companies are leveraging a combination of automation and software to stay ahead in the digital supply chain. View the video to learn more about these important developments for digital, always-on supply chains.

Chemical Processing—Some chemical companies are improving energy efficiency well beyond their production processes. Future innovations for reducing overall energy usage may be in the areas of high-temperature RO and nanofiltration.
The New York Times—For years, much of the nation’s refinery capacity and chemical production have been concentrated along the swamps and narrow inlets of the Gulf of Mexico, risking devastation in a monster storm.
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Vada, LLC
EBN— The technology revolution has embraced supply chains, and new ideas are constantly being presented. While digitization can be a good thing, a lot of these ideas are not viable solutions yet. IT leaders from Gartner, Amazon, and Accenture share some best practices.
Supply Chain Management Review—Virtually every food company that comprises the cold chain from suppliers to manufacturers to cold chain logistics providers to food retailers—is now operating in a complex, fast-changing system.
Engineering Innovation
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MHI Blog—ALAN is the American Logistics Aid Network, and if you haven’t heard about them, you should definitely check them out (alanaid.org). They’re currently working on aid for Hurricane Harvey and the biblical levels of flooding in the Houston area.
Inbound Logistics—Only one year after opening, the $5-billion Panama Canal expansion is already having a major impact on North American shipping. As a result, industrial real estate demand around East and Gulf Coast ports is escalating, finds a new report from JLL, a commercial real estate services company.
MHI BlogHurricane Harvey devastated Texas after making landfall on Friday night. The slow-moving storm left behind flattened communities and is causing historic flooding in Houston and other parts of Texas. The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) is assisting with relief efforts.
Modern Materials Handling—The pallet continues to be a critical part of many warehouses and distribution centers, according to a survey by Peerless Research Group.
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