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Modern Materials Handling—In the past decade, the average manual materials handler has gotten older, heavier and harder to hire and retain. Pair that with the rising costs of workers’ compensation insurance and global pressures to increase productivity, and manufacturers, warehouses and distribution center managers are taking a much closer look at improving ergonomics in their operations.
MHISolutionsmag.com—The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are concepts that are impacting supply chains. Learn how they are delivering on the promise of efficiency,
agility and visibility.
Bloomberg—The world’s food bill is set to climb by the most in six years as imports and shipping costs increase, with some of the poorest nations being hardest hit. Food-import costs will jump 11 percent to $1.32 trillion this year, with meat, oilseed and dairy bills rising the most, according to a report from the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization. 
Supply Chain Dive—Retailers are changing their logistics distribution networks to support two-day delivery and free shipping, but to do so, they must first invest in expanding their logistics networks.
Western Pacific Storage Solutions, Inc.
Vidir Inc.
EBN—When it comes to your supply chain, even the slightest redundant inefficiency can compound over time to create significantly increased costs. That’s why it is vitally important to stay attuned to the nuances of your supply chain operation, and the ways those seemingly slight inefficiencies can get out of hand—and threaten your operation’s big-picture productivity.
Supply Chain Dive—The Supreme Court’s refusal to reconsider the OOIDA's argument against the ELD mandate ends the war over industry adoption of ELDs after years of legal battles and arguments regarding driver privacy, the efficacy of HOS laws and even parking issues.

As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on Aero-Robotics and Cycle Counts.

Drones have a wide variety of applications in supply chains—find out how you can use drones to improve your inventory management procedures.

SupplyChainBrain—There’s no question that the traditional consumer packaged goods (CPG) channel
is being disrupted. It comes down to a choice between partnering with
Amazon, or competing with it.
Market Watch—Nearly 20 percent of production for Nike Inc. and Adidas AG shoes will move to more automated factories by 2023 due to a "buy now/wear now" shopping environment forced by the shift to e-commerce. A faster supply chain will help the athletic segment keep up with the what the industry also calls "fast-fashion" demand from shoppers.
MHI Blog—Gartner, Inc. recently released the findings from its annual Supply Chain Top 25, identifying supply chain leaders and highlighting their best practices. Leading companies view digitalization as an opportunity to not only provide agile support for existing
products, but to reduce time to market for new ones. Some of the most disruptive and impactful technologies include solutions combining automation, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, cloud
computing and advanced analytics.
Tri-Boro Storage Products
Vada, LLC
MHI’s new Career Forum  enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to http://www.mhi.org/careers to find the perfect opportunity for you.

Reuters—IKEA plans to test selling its products on websites other than its own, as the world's biggest home furnishing retailer targets more online customers. The move means IKEA's customers may soon be able to buy its flat-pack furniture and other home furnishings through the likes of Amazon, which has said it plans to venture into
furniture, or Chinese rival Alibaba.
MHI Blog—Anyone who attended ProMat 2017 experienced it. Technology is disrupting supply chains and transforming them into more digital, connected and intelligent models. And there is no end in site.
Engineering Innovation
Columbia Machine, Inc.
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Supply Chain Digest—As many as 50-70
percent of truck driving jobs in the U.S. and Europe could be lost by just 2030
due the rapid introduction of autonomous trucks into the market, according to a new report from the International Transport Forum. The report raises the question whether the prospect of driverless trucks will, in the short-term, exacerbate the driver shortage issue.
EBN—New over-the-road regulations are set to go into effect in 2017. Logistics leaders and supply chain managers must understand potential impacts, including an anticipated decrease in the driver pool and truck capacity, to plan for and avoid transportation disruptions. Supply chain managers should take immediate steps to avoid possible negative impact.
Kinetic Technologies,Inc.



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