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Logistics Management—Everyone is talking about terms like digitization, Industry 4.0 and digital supply chain management, but what sort of technologies fall under these broad terms, and how will they change the management capabilities at our disposal? Here are some digital trends to watch, as well as insight from some noted supply chain analysts, consultants and technology executives.
EBN—Today’s supply chain needs to be responsive to consumers’ ever-changing needs. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes into play. Today’s consumers are demanding in terms of when, where, and how products and services are made available to them. So, the supply chain needs to be responsive and have the ability to seamlessly trigger actions and responses. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes into play.
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MIT Technology Review—Ori Ossmy and pals at Ben-Gurion University in Israel have created a general-purpose brain-computer interface called MindDesktop that allows a user to control most aspects of a windows PC with typing speeds as fast as20 seconds per character. That’s an order of magnitude better than some other systems.
Environmental Leader—Water is a moving environmental target. In 2015, MillerCoors set several ambitious water-related sustainability goals for 2020, including reducing the water-to-beer ratio across all their direct operations. The total of water gallons saved over five years across their whole value chain is expected to be in the billions. Since the majority of their water footprint is on the agricultural side, however, this is not a goal MillerCoors can achieve alone.
San Francisco Chronicle—In the fierce competition to perfect self-driving cars, almost no one wants to go it alone. Big automakers with autonomous vehicle programs have forged alliances with tech companies that, in many cases, are working on the same thing. Silicon Valley companies, which often prefer designing products to building them, have sought out dance partners with decades of manufacturing experience, even as they fight among themselves over patents and personnel. The last two years have seen a frenzy of deal-making.

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Supply Chain Digest—After a tough 2016, in which rates were very low and nearly all ocean container carriers bled red ink in each quarter, Q1 2017 saw volumes head up a bit - but that did little yet to stem the losses. Drewry says it sees exceptionally strong demand growth for 2017 and that shippers will see far higher annual contract rates for the rest of the year.
Vox—In China, an Amazon clone called JD.com already has a fleet of dozens of drones that have carried out thousands of deliveries in the outskirts of Beijing and four other provinces. The drones started flying last year, and the company is already planning to massively expand the size of the fleet and number of delivery routes.
FierceBiotech—The medical device industry appears to be under siege by cybercriminals, but it isn't taking steps to defend itself, according to two separate reports. Over the next 12 months, two thirds of medical device manufacturers and more than half of healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) say that a cyber-attack on one or more medical devices built or in use by their organization is 'likely' or 'very likely.'
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Maritime Executive—SeaHorse Shipping in the U.S. has touted a plan aimed at revolutionizing container shipping and freeing shippers from the constraints and congestion caused by mega container ships and mega ports. The company is proposing the SeaHorse ship system which consists of a deepsea semi-submersible vessel that carries six shortsea container ships with a combined capacity of 13,500 TEUs. The deepsea vessel never comes into port. Instead, existing heavy lift technology is used to float out the smaller vessels which then travel to small, under-utilized, uncongested ports.
Environmental Leader—Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) announced in its sustainability report that it has reached its goal in palm oil traceability, achieving 98% traceability for palm oil and more than 95% for palm kernel oil, reduced water usage by 24% since 2008, and reduced energy intensity and emissions by 25% and 11% respectively – but the company also shared step-by- step details on how it pulled together the wide-ranging details for the report.
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EBN—Supply chain professionals are talking a lot about blockchain, and how it can be applied to address the increasingly global and complex nature of the supply chain. However, we are still in early days, with only about three in ten companies actively implementing the technology, recent research suggests.
MHI Blog—Jenny Blake, career and business strategist presented a popular webinar called PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One on May 18th hosted by MHI’s Young Professionals Network. Of course when I hear the word "pivot" I can’t help but remember good ol’ Ross and his couch pivot scene from Friends. Anyways, in case you missed it, here are a few highlights from the webinar on how to PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT!
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