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MHI—For the first time, MODEX will have exhibits in both the B and C Hall of the Georgia World Congress Center. The MODEX show floor in the B Hall will be divided into solution-specific centers: Equipment and components for manufacturing/assembly logistics solutions, fulfillment and delivery solutions, and information technology (IT) solutions. A new Solution Center will be introduced at MODEX 2018 for smart city logistics and connected supply chain solutions. This Solution Center will be located in the C Hall adjacent to the collocated Transportation & Logistics Americas show.
EBN—Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This era takes us far beyond the steam and water that kicked off industry in the 1800s and builds upon the electronics and computers that seemed so high-tech in the go-go 1980s. We’re in the early stages of a Digital Revolution poised to shake up supply chains with dramatic transformations fed by factors including robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and nanotechnology.
Modern Materials Handling—Although overhead handling equipment has been used for decades, it’s still evolving on a consistent basis. As system and requirements change, the focus on what’s above your facility is just as important as what’s in it. Overhead handling equipment has recently evolved to help end users achieve three primary goals: increased safety, flexibility and efficiency. With these goals in mind, suppliers are providing end users a variety of equipment options.
MHI Blog—Firms that want compete and thrive in the future must adopt strategies to address the new technologies and customer demands that are transforming the manufacturing landscape, according to a new survey from Grant Thornton. The report, titled "The Future of Growth and the Manufacturing Industry," asserts that the borders between the manufacturing and technology industries are blurring as connectivity is turning "dumb" products into smart ones. Additionally, robotics and digital technologies are disrupting the economics of production.
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MHI Blog—Obviously this topic has been on my mind lately (see Tuesday and Wednesday), since I’ve been ordering new stuff for my apartment (I’m finally getting some furniture, y’all!), but the last couple days have kind of been "take a deep breath and push through the panic" as we talk about the A-word. (...Amazon. Get your mind out of the gutter.) But retailers are responding to the pressures Amazon’s innovations are putting on supply chain delivery and it could be really good for both retailers and consumers.
Material Handling & Logistics—Manufacturers are facing a number of issues from a political landscape that is increasingly volatile to new technologies from robotics and artificial intelligence and cyber threats. According to a new survey from Grant Thornton, "The Future of Growth and the manufacturing Industry Report",companies that want to be competitive must adopt strategies to address the issues. One area that needs to adapt to become more competitive is the supply chain. However, manufacturers have identified the following supply chain issues that are barriers to growth.

As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on Shaping Your Culture to Improve Retention.  Company culture is a big part of employee life. This episode shows you three ways to improve your company culture so employees will choose to stay.

SW Executive—While it is still considered a major disruptive technology, the 3d printing process was patented in 1984 and commercially available three years later. And while the technology may not be new today, its applicability in supply chain and logistics is going to revolutionize the way we design, manufacture, store and transport products tomorrow.
EBN—The logistics industry is taking a page from the tech sector when it comes to innovating operational and process improvement. Logistics providers, customers, and startups are teaming up and forming cross-industry accelerator programs to pilot new technology and up the competitive shipping game.
CIO—Stratasys is developing a cloud-service platform that comprises expandable, server rack-like modular 3D printer units configured under one software platform to work simultaneously to mass produce parts. The assembly line-style 3D printing platform will reside both in Stratasys' own facilities as well as on the premises of business partners who can use the new Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator system to build their own parts or allow customers to use it for their own manufacturing needs.
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Wall Street Journal—A glut of used big rigs is weighing down trucking companies already mired in a prolonged slump in the freight market. Many fleets bought scores of new trucks when transportation demand was booming a few years ago. Then U.S. manufacturing activity flagged and import growth slowed as retailers rang up disappointing sales. Freight volumes started stalling out in late 2015, leaving too many trucks competing for cargo.
The Independent—Surveys from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply say that 46% of European Union managers are looking for local suppliers instead of UK suppliers. The weaker pound is causing some companies to see supply chain cost increases because of Brexit.
MHI Blog—When Congress needs research to better inform them when drafting laws, they task the Congressional Research Service with preparing a report on the subject. Recently, they prepared a report titled "Job Creation in the Manufacturing Revival", which was commissioned in response to multiple bills that are introduced in Congress to promote manufacturing, often with the goal to create jobs.
MHI’s new Career Forum  enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to http://www.mhi.org/careers to find the perfect opportunity for you.
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CNBC—China has rapidly climbed the ranks to become the world's second-largest economy. Now, the most populous nation on the planet wants to increase its influence by digging further into its pockets — flush with cash after decades of rapid growth — to splash out with its "One Belt, One Road" policy. The initiative is meant to connect Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa to bolster trade and development.
MHI Blog—Building your career is a process and the path to success is not always crystal clear. Whether you’re ready to take on a new opportunity or just landed one, here are a few tips to make sure you’re on a healthy path and getting the most out of your job.
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Logistics Viewpoint—The growth of eCommerce has put a premium on parcel carrier capacity. In response, UPS and FedEx have continued to lower the bar for when they will apply dimensional weight rating to cartons, which means more shippers will pay more for cartons that are light relative to their size. In response, shippers are looking for new ways to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage carton packing to either avoid or eliminate unexpected dim fees on their carrier invoices. The latest generation of cartonization technology uses advanced algorithms that take several factors into account when determining optimum packing results, including transportation costs. This helps businesses more accurately estimate shipping costs and control packing during the fulfillment process.
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