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MHI Blog—The struggle to fill supply chain job openings with qualified candidates at every level has been widely documented and reported over the last few years. Supply chain management level positions—from operations management to data analytics to planning and procurement—are among the fastest growing areas for new jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the challenge is not limited to the United States. Worldwide, 71 percent of executives with multinational firms reported difficulty in recruiting supply chain leadership, according to Deloitte’s third annual Supply Chain Talent of the Future survey.
EBN—Automation of key business processes, such as invoice and sales order processing, has already produced significant benefits for many organizations. Capturing critical data with 100% accuracy and requiring zero need for human intervention, this technology has allowed businesses to process incoming orders up to 95% faster, reducing operational costs by 80% and saving customer service staff hundreds of hours of error-prone manual data entry. However, there’s a new game changer on the horizon set to revolutionize back-office, rules-based tasks: robotic process automation (RPA).
Supply Chain Digest—Demand for distribution space near major U.S. ports continues to be strong, such that available real estate in many markets is almost gone. That situation in turn is pushing rates for existing space higher and higher. So along comes distribution real estate and management company Prologis with an idea new to the U.S. but common in Asia and Europe: build multi-level, multi-purpose distribution facilities close to the ports to reduce real estate costs.
WSJ—Warehouses are becoming a way of life for many urbanites. Instead of spending the afternoon choosing items off store shelves and standing in a checkout line, city dwellers of the future will tap a few buttons on hand-held devices and a part-human, part-machine warehouse crew in a nearby industrial district will handle the transaction from start to finish. The weekly shopping is done in 10 minutes, and the shopper never has to leave the house.
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PackagingDigest—Even Coca-Cola can’t do it alone. Development of its PlantBottle needed a helping hand from its packaging technology partners. The company’s sustainable packaging lead Sarah Dearman shares some insight here about their sustainable packaging strategy and supplier sourcing.
Modern Materials Handling—2017 will mark the year that more companies will look at becoming proactive, instead of reactive as a way to be more profitable. In order to do this companies must begin and continue to ask themselves, ‘How well are we really doing and what can we do to improve?’ By dissecting operations and taking a holistic view of their processes, businesses can clearly see what areas need improvements. This will ensure their people, processes and technologies are all working together to help them be more efficient, accurate and connected. Supply chain process improvements are also heavily impacted by trends happening in the market.
Logistics Management—Ocean carriers are "bleeding cash" as they rush tostem the flow by aligning themselves in new alliances, says a prominent industry analyst. But will that mad dash be enough for some of the most desperate cases? "It’s a bit too early to tell," admits Chas Deller, CEO and Chairman, of 10XOCEANSOLUTIONS, Inc.
MIT Technology Review—Bitcoin and blockchain topics were center stage at the Business of Blockchain conference. Here are some ideas and solutions presented at the conference that explore the future of money and transactions.

As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on: Trust in Your WorkforceTrust is an important part of workplace culture. Find out how your business can benefit from fostering trust between your workers. 

Strait Times—Singapore Post inked an agreement on April 18 with Airbus Helicopters to conduct research and trials on drone delivery. The agreement makes SingPost a partner under Airbus Helicopter's Skyways parcel delivery project, which aims to develop the safe use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, for package delivery in urban environments.
Progressive Grocer—Click-and-collect growth has been robust over the past year, with 23 percent of respondents in PG’s 84th Annual Report of the Grocery Industry saying that they have a program in place, up from 15 percent a year ago. This corresponds with the numerous stories of food retailers building out click-and-collect over the past year, from nationals such as Walmart and Kroger to regionals like Meijer and Strack & Van Til – even to independents, which made up a large chunk of the survey’s respondent base.
MHI Blog—Heard the term "Smart City" yet? In researching the 2017 MHI Annual Industry Report, which was released at ProMat 2017, Deloitte Consulting’s Patrick Salemme was surprised to discover that 47 percent of the more than 1,100 survey respondents (all manufacturing and supply chain professionals) were aware of the concept.

What exactly is a Smart City? It’s a vision for the future wherein multiple information and communication devices and technologies are securely integrated with Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions in order to better manage a city and its assets, says Bruce Stubbs, director of supply chain marketing at MHI member Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions.
EBN—The latest Supply Chain Management: Beyond the Horizon (BTH) research report, "Managing the Complexity Paradigm," identifies sources of complexity, offers frameworks to understand key drivers, and provides potential solutions to consider when managing complicated supply chains. It explores supply chain evolution with a view to future impact on business models and operations management.
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Fuel Fix—American manufacturing companies are worried that a boom in liquefied natural gas exports will reduce domestic supply and raise prices. Low cost natural gas, the Industrial Energy Consumers of America says, is the driver behind 264 chemical projects representing more than $161 billion in new investment announced since 2010. LNG advocates, meanwhile, argue that there is plenty of natural gas to serve industry and export at the same time.
Chief Executive—More skilled workers are entering the "gig economy," and manufacturers may be able to alleviate some of their workforce shortages by taking a page from companies like Uber and Upwork. A recent study by the Brookings Institution found that the gig economy is growing faster than traditional payroll employment, and Intuit reported that 40% of American workers will be independent contractors by the year 2020. A large number of professionals are joining the gig economy as well.
SupplyChainDIVE—Smart cities require more than just strong urban planning teams and high use of technology, but also an active and willing stakeholder participation that includes logistics professionals. In fact, supply chains may be among the industries with the highest gains from increased smart city infrastructure.
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SupplyChainDigest—There really are several trends pushing U.S. companies to consider moving at least some production back to U.S. shores. Those include rising wages offshore, especially in China; pressures to shorten supply chains and become more responsive; and a new president who has vowed to rejuvenate American manufacturing might, and may change tax and other policies to encourage Made in USA.
MHI Blog—Direct access to your facility through unlocked or open shipping doors may present several safety and liability issues. Customers, drivers or unwelcomed visitors can walk directly into your facility unnoticed, and there are always risks for potential injury. The liability for unannounced visitors is something to be considered. With the welcoming of spring as well as in warmer climates, the desire to have shipping doors open for fresh ventilation is common. This is when your business and staff are at the greatest risk.
Modern Materials Handling—Business optimism in the United States has surged to a record high of 80%, according to the latest Grant Thornton mid-market business survey, The International Business Report. This jump in optimism among mid-market decision-makers bodes well for the overall economy, as the segment often acts as the engine room for broader economic growth. The findings, from Grant Thornton’s most recent quarterly global survey of 2,400 businesses in 36 economies, suggest that the new pro-business U.S. administration is acting as a catalyst, releasing pent-up confidence after a long period of supportive monetary policy and cheap oil.
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