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MHI Blog—What does your supply chain need? Is it automation? A new process? A breakthrough technology to enhance efficiency? Find your "X" at ProMat, the manufacturing and supply chain industry’s largest trade event. At ProMat you’ll see the latest innovations from 850+ solution providers. You can also network with your peers and learn from industry thought leaders in keynotes and over 100 conference sessions. ProMat is the place to discover new ideas, equipment and technologies that will shape future supply chains.
MHI Blog—It’s no secret that technology is evolving much more rapidly than we can keep up with and as those evolutions occur, it often changes how accomplish our core goal of supply chain: Move what the customer what in the time frame they want it. So for a nice Friday post at the top of the year, we thought we’d round up a couple of blurbs on technology (basically Amazon’s hopes and dreams) that could impact supply chain.
Supply Management—European aerospace giant Airbus has unveiled plans to develop a "flying car" to function as an aerial taxi and carry cargo. The project, known as "Vahana," will be run by Airbus subsidiary A3, which was set up in Silicon Valley in 2016. A3 CEO Rodin Lyasoff said flight tests of the first vehicle prototype should take place before the end of 2017.
SCMR—IHS Markit says the global economy will see a rebound in growth for first time since 2014," with emerging markets still playing a major role. "Emerging markets have really struggled in the past few years," says Nariman Behravesh. "But, a growing global economy will mean that these markets can finally take a breath." Economic fundamentals in most emerging markets have improved in the past couple of years and, with the exception of China, overall debt ratios are mostly down.
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The Hill—Elaine Chao, President Donald Trump’s nominee for transportation secretary, could be a key factor in whether legislation is adopted to do build "new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation." Chao's Cabinet experience, Republican support and ability to work across the aisle could be influential factors.
Logility—Research shows companies that are best at demand forecasting average 15% less inventory, 17% stronger perfect order fulfillment and 35% quicker cash-to-cash cycle times, while having a tenth of the stock-outs of their peers. The new white paper, Eight Methods that Improve Forecasting Accuracy, outlines a variety of forecasting methods tuned to perform well at different phases of the product life cycle to best exploit available historical data and market knowledge.
Reuters—The first container train traveling between China and the United Kingdom arrived Jan. 18 at DB Cargo UK's London Eurohub terminal in Barking. The train is operated by the InterRail Group, a multinational transport operator headquartered in Switzerland, on behalf of China Railway subsidiary CRIMT. Various freight railways handled traction along the 7,500-mile route. DB Cargo was responsible for the section from Duisburg to London via the Channel Tunnel.
Refrigerated & Frozen Foods—The final FDA rules on food safety are here and functioning. Developed over the last 11 years, the rules establish requirements for those bound by them to ensure the safety of food products that move through the supply chain. Those required to comply include shippers who ship food to the United States from Canada and/or Mexico by motor or rail vehicle, vessel or air carriage and arrange for the transfer of the food product to motor or rail vehicle for further consumption or distribution in the United States.
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SCMR—Is your company’s supply chain piled high with more products, suppliers, and trading partners than you can keep track of efficiently? To stop the headaches, invest in technology that helps manage the entire product lifecycle and global supply chain while improving efficiency and cost savings.
Refrigerated & Frozen Foods—The biggest threats to global supply chains in 2016 include cargo theft, weather disruptions, health crises, labor unrest and ISIS, according to BSI Group’s "2015 SCREEN Global Supply Chain Intelligence Report." That’s why many of today’s software providers created Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled, cloud-based solutions, designed to better manage complex supply chains in hopes of curtailing disruption and threats.
Modern Materials Handling—With so many steps in the logistics value chain – including picking, replenishment, receiving, packaging, labeling and shipping – even a single-node IT failure can have profound implications, not just on delivery schedules and personnel movement, but also on customer satisfaction and the associated goodwill attached to just-in-time delivery.
Bloomberg—Sneaker producers, automakers and retail giants are facing tumult in their international operations as President Donald Trump pushes ahead with a dramatic overhaul of U.S. trade policy. His decision not to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership and pledge to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement are forcing companies to rethink supply chains and capital investments in a new era of protectionist policies.
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Supply Chain Dive—As of Jan. 15, The Port of New York and New Jersey's GCT USA LP-operated terminal required truckers to schedule appointments for morning loading and unloading, The Wall Street Journal reported last week.
Transport Topics—Inadequate road and bridge conditions cause traffic backups and lead to freight delays according to a report from the US Department of Transportation. The report says it will cost $142.5 billion in funding on all levels to improve the problem.
Supply Chain Digest—There is obviously a lot of interest in using smart phones as data collection devices in supply chain related applications, whether in a distribution center, a factory or freight transportation. There's just one problem: how do you scan a bar code with a smart phone? There are actually a number of free apps for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.
ATRI—The American Transportation Research Institute released its annual list highlighting the most congested bottlenecks for trucks in America. The 2017 Top Truck Bottleneck Listassesses the level of truck-oriented congestion at 250 locations on the national highway system. The analysis, based on truck GPS data from 600,000+ heavy duty trucks uses several customized software applications and analysis methods, along with terabytes of data from trucking operations to produce a congestion impact ranking for each location. The data is associated with the FHWA-sponsored Freight Performance Measures initiative.
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Modern Materials Handling—Hänel Storage Systems, a leader in the manufacture and integration of vertical storage units, has donated an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) to the Vincennes University Logistics Training & Education Center in Plainfield, Ind. The Rotomat vertical carousel will be used to help train students in the curriculum of Supply Chain Logistics Management, where students learn to improve production, resource planning, scheduling and forecasting, as well as modes of transportation and equipment used for the distribution of goods. Vincennes University’s Rotomat will combine logistics training with hands-on learning.
Supply Chain Digest—So called supplier audits have become a cornerstone of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs across the globe, famously used by companies including Apple, Walmart, Nike, The Gap, and many more. The audits are generally conducted based on a given company's formal written standards for supplier conduct, and generally show a high and often improving level of supplier compliance to those standards. But are such audit programs largely a charade in terms of actual effectiveness in affecting supplier behavior?
MHI Blog—Last year at our Spring Meetings, we held the first MHI Solutions Conference. Well guess what? We’re bringing it back! The Second Annual MHI Solutions Conference, which will be held May 22-23, 2017 in Charlotte, NC at the Marriott City Center, will work around a really cool "let’s solve your problems" format. Our goal for the Solutions Conference is to be able to provide a forum for you to be able to address your company’s specific challenges with members in the industry with the expertise to help provide solutions.
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