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MHI Blog — Although sustainability has been a buzzword throughout supply chains since the dawn of the new millennium, the push to implement greener facility designs and practices has ebbed and flowed.

The reason, says Steve Osburn, director in Kurt Salmon Associates’ supply chain practice, is that—for the majority of companies—when they consider going green, most want to know what amount of green, as in dollars, is in it for them.
Industryweek — Many business have implemented smart manufacturing to increase efficiency by automating processes within the factory walls. Smart operations goes a step further by integrating the entire supply chain to achieve new levels of operational excellence. Learn the difference between Thrivers who are aggressively embracing smart operations and Survivors who are falling further behind.
MHI Blog — Global trade patterns are expected to dramatically shift due to the recently expanded Panama Canal. The new set of locks, which opened in June, nearly triple the capacity of ships transiting the canal, from those able to carry 5,000 containers to up to 14,000 containers.
Supply Chain Brain — It's been more than two months since the United Kingdom voted to withdraw from the European Union, but the shock waves aren't close to subsiding - especially with regard to the impact on global supply chains.
Industryweek — Since the dawn of manufacturing, designers and engineers have repeatedly run up against limitations to make things. Their ability to execute and capacity to afford bringing their ideas to market were once constrained by the manufacturing facility they had to find-either local or offshore-to build the things they wanted to build.
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MHL News — Since July 2016, shippers must ensure that an accurate Verified Gross Mass (VGM) is provided to the terminal/carrier for every container loaded prior to it being allowed to be shipped on-board on a vessel. These regulations apply to contracting governments to the International Maritime Organization's SOLAS treaty (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea).
Ebnonline — Lean manufacturing continues to gain momentum with companies around the globe, improving their operational, financial, and customer service performance. Manufacturing companies don't become lean overnight, and many experts feel that some of the greatest rewards of lean lie in the journey of continuous improvement and incremental change. Lean manufacturing is evolutionary process and a company wide positive attitude and honest self-analysis are important during the process.
Industryweek — The future of logistics is paved with innovation and technology. Let's take a look at some of the emerging trends that will affect the future of logistics.

As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on: Keeping your Business Moving by Updating your Automation Systems.

To upgrade, or not to upgrade, that is the question, and while the answer is different in every situation there are some guidelines to follow to ensure you don’t wait too long.



Industryweek — Earlier this year, our ProLogistix team surveyed nearly 5,400 warehouse workers nationally, across multiple skill categories and representing a wide range of logistics companies. In the first two articles in this series on the ProLogistix Warehouse Employee Opinion Survey, we stated our primary goal of the project: to gain insight into critical workforce issues to help our clients make informed decisions as they staff their operations and strive for improved productivity.
Logistics Viewpoints — While robust parcel solutions offer workflow designed to prevent paying too much for a particular shipment, the workflows in the retail multicarrier solutions can be both more extensive and much more interesting.
MHI Blog — The fifth volume of REALITY CHECK was released recently and discusses how women can continue to push progress in leadership in the supply chain industry. REALITY CHECK consists of five reports on the "dynamics of supply chain leadership" compiled from AWESOME events, programs, and symposiums.
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Supply Chain Shaman — It is fall. The hot and humid days are giving way to cool and crisp weather. Today, as I type this blog post, the rain is softly falling on my windowsill. The wet streets below signal a shift in seasons. The seasonal rhythms link the threads of our life. As fall becomes winter, supply chain leaders are planning their budgets and building strategies for 2017.  

With this in mind, in this blog post I make an argument that we, as supply chain leaders, have screwed up direct material procurement. My goal is to have supply chain leaders consider a procurement redesign for 2017. Let me start with the argument, and then conclude with some thoughts on steps to improve results.
The Wall Street Journal — South Korea's Hanjin Shipping Co. has been offered a combined $100 million from its main creditor and largest shareholder to help get its stalled global supply chain moving, as the government gave further indication it has no plans to bail out the beleaguered firm.
Ebnonline — More supply chain providers are extending their use of mobile solutions to areas like workforce optimization to realize even greater efficiency gains and cost savings.
MHI Blog — MHI's Young Professionals Network held a webinar, Happiness in the Workplace: How to Lower Costs, Increase Productivity and Maximize Profits by Making Happiness a Priority, on September 15th. The webinar featured speaker Valerie Alexander, entrepreneur, filmmaker and author of Happiness as a Second Language. Below are five key takeaways that will transform your view of happiness in the workplace.
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Supply Chain Management Review — If automation, optimized digital networks, and changing consumer habits come to fruition as some experts predict, it could completely upend trucking as we know it today.
Ebnonline — For a number of years I viewed 3D printing as a solution looking for a problem.  I visited the Consumer Electronics Show and saw people printing accurate 3D chocolate renderings of their heads, which whilst being very clever, is largely useless.  I wondered to myself where the technology was going, but in the last year or so things have changed and 3D printing seems to be finding its feet in terms of technology and applications, confirming its place in our future.
MHL News — Soon, Amsterdam's canals will soon have ROBOAT floating around. These autonomous boats, developed by MIT, will investigate how urban waterways can be used to improve the city's function and quality of life. MIT will collaborate with the with the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in the Netherlands.
Industryweek — In order to meet customer demands and their service expectations, tire suppliers need to rely heavily on their warehouses to use the most advanced processes to ensure the end consumer is given a high-quality experience and product when they need it. These cutting-edge processes are taking the tire industry to the next level. In doing so, we have officially reached the next era of tire distribution innovation.
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