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MHI Blog — It seems everyone is trying to get on top of driverless vehicle autonomy. We recently posted about Uber's acquisition of Otto, which you can read here, but it turns out that Ford is also working toward driverless cars.

They announced that they planned to deploy fully autonomous ride-hailing cars by 2021, perhaps as a direct response to Uber's popularity and move to go autonomous. Ford's version would look similar to Google's removing the steering wheel and pedals completely. The goal is to reach Level 4 automation as determined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).
The Wall Street Journal — Last year, McKinsey launched a multi-year study to explore the potential impact of automation technologies on jobs, organizations and the future of work. "Can we look forward to vast improvements in productivity, freedom from boring work, and improved quality of life?," its initial article on the study asked, or "Should we fear threats to jobs, disruptions to organizations, and strains on the social fabric?"

Most jobs involve a number of different tasks or activities. Some of these activities are more amenable to automation than others. But just because some of the activities have been automated, does not imply that the whole job has disappeared. To the contrary, automating parts of a job will often increase the productivity and quality of workers by complementing their skills with machines and computers, as well as by enabling them to focus on those aspects of the job that most need their attention.
Bloomberg — Amazon.com Inc. is speeding the delivery of USB cables, smartphone screen protectors, cosmetics and other small, flat items in its continuing push against rival marketplaces that help overseas manufacturers and suppliers sell directly to U.S. shoppers.
Industryweek — Chris Urmson, the mild-mannered robotics expert who ran Google's self-driving car project, used to say that when his son reached driving age in 2019 the technology would be available so the teenager wouldn't have to take a driving test. In August, less than a year after auto industry veteran John Krafcik took the helm of the project, Urmson left with much work remaining: Google has yet to launch an autonomous vehicle service for the public.
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The Hill — The Department of Transportation (DOT) is considering a 60 mile per hour speed limit for trucks that it estimates could save as many as 500 lives each year.

The Transportation Department on Tuesday proposed requiring commercial motor vehicles to install speed-limiting devices.
MHI Blog — Brian Federal is heavily involved in the world of 3D printing, AI, and robotics. When studying 3D printing, he discovered that it is important to look around at other technologies and see how they interact to influence the development of one another. We shifted very, very quickly from an analog to a digital world, and digital tools have become the path to the future.
The Wall Street Journal — As bankrupt Hanjin Shipping Co. unwinds its cargo operations, with the first of its stranded U.S.-bound vessels off-loading containers in Long Beach on Monday, Southern California's import and export businesses are struggling with the ripple effects. The Hanjin Greece docked at the Port of Long Beach Saturday after nearly two weeks idled off the coast in the wake of the South Korean shipping lines bankruptcy filing.
Business continues to evolve. Stores want to engage in e-commerce, but recognize the value of traditional shopping. Making these work in concert is complicated, but not impossible and sometimes these challenges create unique opportunities for growth. Diane Garforth, director of distribution systems for David’s Bridal, updates us on how sales have changed since their switch to omni-channel distribution.



MHI Blog — Today is September 13th and Positive Thinking Day! Studies by Harvard Business Review show that people who work with a positive mind-set experience an increase in overall job performance including productivity, creativity and engagement. They argue that happiness is not something that happens once you reach your goals. In fact, it is quite the opposite. In an article on Positive Intelligence, Harvard references the "happiness advantage", meaning every business outcome shows improvement when the brain is positive. With this said, we have collected these 5 quotes to inspire positive thinking and to help you accelerate your career or business.
Supply Chain Management Review — The 2016 Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) Global Cold Storage Capacity Report shows that warehouse capacity has experienced steady growth since 2014, the last time the survey was conducted. Emerging markets - including those with undeveloped transport infrastructure - played a key role in this trend.

Supply chain managers may assume that leading industrial nations would be driving the growth for controlled atmosphere warehousing, but recent research suggests that this is not the "cold case" it appears to be.

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Trucking Info — Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx announced on Sept. 7 that almost $800 million in inaugural FASTLANE federal grants has been awarded to 18 transportation infrastructure projects in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

In a call with reporters, Secretary Foxx said the grants will be combined with other funding from federal, state, local, and private sources "to support $3.6 billion in infrastructure investment."
Supply Chain Quarterly — Amazon and Google's efforts to use drones to deliver small packages may get all the press, but the case for using drones is actually stronger further upstream in the supply chain, says one expert.
Ebnonline — In recent years, many prominent universities have developed graduate level programs in supply chain, procurement, and logistics.  Many go after an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or other masters level designation in hopes of being promoted to managing people. And yet, that doesn't always happen. A master's degree is a great tool, but you have to make sure it's the right tool for the problem you are hoping to solve.
Industryweek — In addition to the responses my articles receive through IndustryWeek I also get e-mail and telephone feedback. Consequently, the responses you see on IW sometimes represent only the tip of the iceberg. That was the case with my previous entry, both in spectrum and volume. Because of this I will follow-up here on the Extending Payment Terms topic rather than the announced one on selecting managers.
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MHI’s new Career Forum  enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to http://www.mhi.org/careers to find the perfect opportunity for you.
Ebnonline — As many in supply chain management know, sourcing and procurement professionals are tightly linked to value in the supply chain; the price of locating and managing materials obviously effects profits. However, many fail to realize is value in the supply chain is derived from more than just calculating sales minus costs. In fact, "softer" skills like collaboration and relationship building may be just as important as unit price in creating customer value and reducing supply chain risk. There are a number of strategic ways that managers can add lasting value in sourcing and procurement. In the end, the most talented supply pros know that putting the biggest squeeze on suppliers doesn't create the best value.
MHI Blog — Join us for the newest MHI Young Professionals Network Webinar. Valerie Alexander, author of "Happiness as a Second Language," will teach us how to create a positive work environment through simple adjustments and exercises that anyone can do, regardless of their workplace.
Industryweek — Retailer Target Corp. and wholesaler Associated Wholesale Grocers Inc. discovered late last year their Parmesan cheese brands labeled "100% grated Parmesan cheese" contained absolutely no actual Parmesan, based on findings by the Food & Drug Administration.

According to Bloomberg News, the well-known brands instead contained a mix of Swiss, mozzarella and white cheddar cheese "as well as a heaping dose of cellulose."
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