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Supplychain247 — Higher costs, growing complexity and increasing volume of sending prompt businesses to optimize shipping operations.
BloombergBusiness — In recent weeks, speculation has mounted that Amazon.com Inc. plans to launch a global shipping and logistics operation that will compete with United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp.

Asked about reports that the company was leasing planes and had registered an ocean freight booking business, Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky downplayed Amazon's ambitions last month in an earnings call. He said the company was simply looking to supplement its delivery partners -- not replace them -- during peak periods like the Christmas shopping season
Supply Chain Management Review — As educational delivery methods morph, and as the requirements associated with supply chain careers evolve, the ways in which students receive supply chain executive education are also changing with the times. From massive open online courses (MOOCs) to education developed by universities in concert with third-party providers, to courses that transcend foundational concepts and technical knowledge, the supply chain education landscape in 2016 looks much different than it did just five to 10 years ago. Following are four key trends that supply chain managers and their employees should keep an eye on during the upcoming year.
The Wall Street Journal — Logistics companies cut thousands of jobs in January, led by a sharp drop of 14,400 courier and messenger jobs, the U.S. Labor Department reported Friday.

The decline underscores the seasonal nature of the delivery industry, which saw a sharp rise in December that has been mostly reversed as companies pare staffs following a surge in e-commerce orders that needed to be delivered over the holidays. The warehousing sector, which added 3,200 jobs in December, lost 400 jobs last month.
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MHI Blog — When Carolina Panthers' all-pro linebacker Thomas Davis takes the field this Sunday, he will be the first NFL player to wear a piece of 3D printed equipment on the field. And he picked the sports biggest stage to do it, the Super Bowl.

During the first half of the Panthers NFC Championship win nearly two weeks ago, Davis broke his forearm making a tackle. He underwent surgery the next day to have a metal plate with 12 screws put in his injured arm.
Industryweek — The reality for leaders is that it will take more than increased capital and enthusiastic leadership to create innovative manufacturers. It will also require CEOs and their management teams to think more holistically about innovation, their operating models, and even how their products and services get at their end customers' needs.
As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on: Data-driven Decision-making.
Today’s market is constantly shifting, but it can be difficult to react to these up-to-the-minute changes. Startups have the agility necessary to adapt to this trending market data and there are a number of strategies established companies can use to harness this power themselves.
Modern Materials Handling — After replacing metal racks and wooden crates with lightweight paperboard, the company reduced product damage and shipping costs. With such a heavy and expensive product to ship, the company had previously used protective packaging that was equally substantial. Aneel Siddiqui, one of two brothers who co-own Tuscan, said they believed metal racks and wooden crates were the most durable packaging material available.
Ebnonline — Visibility into your organization's reverse logistics pipeline can present many added value opportunities that assist in improving your bottom line. Visibility into your organization's reverse logistics pipeline can present many added value opportunities that assist in improving your bottom line. Customers want online orders rapidly filled but the solution isn't in improving shipping times - it's in improving order fulfillment.
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MHL News — Researchers at MIT and Texas Instruments have developed a new type of radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that is virtually impossible to hack. If such chips were widely adopted, it could mean that an identity thief couldn't steal your credit card number or key card information by sitting next to you at a cafe, and high-tech burglars couldn't swipe expensive goods from a warehouse and replace them with dummy tags.
Supplychain247 — Coming off of a record-breaking 2015, 2016 looks to be another banner year for supply chain real estate occupiers and investors, according to a logistics survey report recently issued by industrial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle. 
MHI Blog — Our industry is in the early stages of a talent crisis. With baby boomers retiring, and unemployment low, the impacts of this crisis are being felt throughout the supply chain. We need to find ways to attract the best and the brightest students to pursue careers in our industry. But how? How do we get young people excited about the variety of career opportunities in supply chain, logistics and material handling?
Ebnonline — Outsourcing labor, such as supply chain management, can seem intimidating for many companies. The additional fear of "sending jobs away" can also make company owners reluctant to outsource any of their processes to other companies.

Despite this reluctance, companies can often find outsourcing beneficial, as the process can allow companies to work more effectively and expand resources. Using an outside source to manage supply chains can prove beneficial to many different kinds of companies.
ZDNet — In a further sign of the falling barriers to hardware innovation, the price of 3D Printing Machines are expected to fall 6.4% in 2016. That's according to a report just released by market research firm IBISWorld.

Decreasing costs of raw materials used in 3D printers, mounting import penetration, strong competitive pressures, and technological advancements have placed downward pressure on prices. 
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MHI’s new Career Forum  enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to http://www.mhi.org/careers to find the perfect opportunity for you.
The Guardian — Although there is still much to be done, Mondelez's approach in the cocoa sector could provide important lessons on how other businesses can more effectively work to eliminate child and forced labor from their supply chains.
Sustainable Brands — Our recent research suggests that sustainability is gaining some traction in business, yet few organizations have taken meaningful steps toward developing a green supply chain. Furthermore, North American companies lag their European counterparts.
Ebnonline — The much-anticipated contract negotiations between the NFL and its athletes has the potential to highlight the importance of these types of talks in the electronics supply chain. The much-anticipated contract negotiations between the NFL and its athletes has the potential to highlight the importance of these types of talks in the electronics supply chain.
Supply & Demand Chain Executive — Talent shortage in the supply chain industry is not a problem that can be solved overnight. It involves universities and corporations working together to provide the right education, understand how to evaluate performance and change the public perception of what supply chain really means. Here are some ways the industry is addressing the problem.
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