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LonMark International has certified nearly 1,000 industry professionals worldwide for their expertise in the ISO/IEC 14908-x family of control-networking standards. Congratulations to LonMark International's new certified professional:
David Hilss
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Are you an industry visionary interested in influencing the direction of LonMark International? If so, this is your window of opportunity to join the LonMark Board of Directors.

Click on the Learn More link to download the Board of Directors Nomination Form.
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Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Avnet Memec, specialized distributor for highly innovative suppliers and technologies, with the goal to help customers to differentiate their designs.
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LonMark International has launched a new LonMark Certification Training and Testing suite that now provides the industry with a more accessible and global program. The program is fully online and self-paced, which offers students the ability to study and prepare for the LonMark Certified Professional (LCP) test in the comfort of their office or home. There is no longer a need to travel to a testing center making the program substantially more affordable and accessible.

The primary goal of the program is to create a proficiency standard helping to assure end users that they receive a solution that fits their exact installation and performance requirements.

The training website now has a Spanish and German version of the test available. Please click on the Learn More link for more information on the training and testing suite and for more information on how you can register today!
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SPIE Contributes to Smarter, More Energy Efficient Environments for Six Parisian Cities Using LonWorks Streetlight Management & Control System

A collective effort among six cities in the south of Paris to improve energy efficiency, enhance lighting services and road safety has led to large-scale streetlight renovation projects that are transforming how local municipalities invest in themselves by utilizing future-proof technologies.
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LonMark France:
LonMark France would like to welcome Daniel Zotti as their new Chairman. We would like to acknowledge and thank our past chair, Serge Le Men, for his many years of support and guidance to LonMark France.

LonMark France and Occitaline are joining LonMark Germany’s new working group focused on the new LonWorks protocol for IoT over IPV6.

LonMark Switzerland:
On April 8th LonMark Switzerland held their general assembly. During this event Chris Broenniman officially stepped down as chairman to vice chairman. We are pleased to announce Adrian Holderegger will fill the role as chairman. We would like to thank Chris for his many years of leadership and dedication. We are excited to welcome Adrian to his new role and look forward to future success for LonMark Switzerland.

LonMark Cono Sur: South America's Emerging Market
South America is emerging as a leader in energy efficiency programs with Argentina taking a leadership role. LonMark Cono Sur, our LonMark Affiliate in South America, is working on implementing LonWorks solutions in order to comply with a series of new policies to improve energy efficiency including: controlling the distribution of power to generation fields as well as electricity consumption by residents.

Several US manufacturers who provide open protocol technologies used for smart cities, smart grids and Building Management Systems are looking to expand their focus to the South American market. These companies have joint venture agreements in place with local counterparts, which are also financed by government programs to develop open and interoperable control systems. This will provide local companies an opportunity to manufacture and export their products while taking advantage of a skilled local work force and opportunities for investment incentives.

Most of these contracts will start up later this year, but there is a search for small and medium size regional companies with capabilities to work with open control systems either in software or in hardware.

This is a huge opportunity for LonMark Cono Sur to implement LonMark technology for energy efficient programs across South America. Currently LonMark Cono Sur and LonMark International are investing in the LonMark Certified Professional program in Spanish with both training and proficiency credentialing. There are already over 100 LonMark Certified Professionals in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean covering Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican, Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Skilled installers, designers, and integrators are a key focus over the next few years for LonMark Cono Sur.

There are aggressive programs in development to entice suppliers of open control networking solutions to venture into this market. LonMark Cono Sur can help interested companies gain a foothold in this emerging market.
If you are a member of LonMark and have an interest in expanding in this region please contact the chairman of LonMark Cono Sur for more information: Hernán Fagnilli hfagnilli@lonmark.la.
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The LonMark Magazine is the official publication of LonMark International, aimed at a variety of readers, including specifiers and planners, architects, developers, systems and network integrators, researchers and end-users. The digital version of the 2016 issue is now available on the LonMark website.
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LonMark International is proud to be an endorsing organization for the following industry events:

LIGHTFAIR International 2016
24 April to 28 April 2016
San Diego, CA
*LonMark’s Executive Director, Ron Bernstein, will be attending the fair and is available to meet with members.

CABA 2016 Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum
26 April to 28 April 2016
San Diego, CA
*On April 27th, Ron Bernstein, Executive Director, LonMark International will be moderating a panel on IoT Expanding High Performance Buildings.

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology 2016
9 June to 12 June 2016
China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guanghou
*LonMark Ambassadors Kevin Kwon and Eric Sun will be hosting a LonWorks device development workshop and demonstration in conjunction with the fair.

LonMark Board of Directors Meeting and Workshop
9 June to 11 June 2016
San Diego, CA

To find out more about these events, and to view all of LonMark International's events:
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