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New Members:
Fundacion Energer
Fundacion Cientifica Austral
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It has been a while since LonMark organized and hosted a member event. As the industry changes LonMark needs to also evolve to meet the needs of the market.

Members are faced with both new and exciting opportunities and pressures to be innovative and effective. Therefore the LonMark organization felt it was time for an in-person meeting to allow attendees to network and provide an opportunity to share new ideas with members.
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Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Schneider Electric is a global energy-management specialist, offering integrated solutions that make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive, and green. With core competencies ranging from infrastructure to industrial processes, building management, and data centers/networks, Schneider Electric delivers a full-range of energy-efficiency and security solutions that reduce energy cost and consumption, while increasing safety and productivity.

Schneider Electric technology leverages standard communication protocols – like those supported by LonMark International – to deliver interoperability across a full-range of systems and third-party devices.
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The latest version of the ASHRAE BAS Guidelines is now available for download. The latest version is the culmination of over 10 years of work to promote a more open, interoperable, and protocol agnostic building. Congratulations to all that helped make this a reality!

This guideline represents a standardization of approach to the design, documentation, and specification of BAS for HVAC control and energy management applications. The ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE website.
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Schneider Electric is a powerhouse of automation and energy management solutions with a significant global presence. Over the past decade, Schneider has seen monumental growth in their size as well as in their product line as a result of multiple strategic acquisitions culminating in one of the largest solutions provider of energy management, automation and control solutions in the world.
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LonMark International is proud to be an endorsing organization for the following industry events:

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology
23 -25 September 2015
Shanghai, RC

Intelligent Buildings Systems
7- 8 October 2015
Paris, France

Matelec 2015
7- 9 October 2015
Santiago de Chili, Chile

Hi-Tech Building
28-30 October 2015
Expocentre, Moscow, Russia

Mitgliederversammlung 2015 LonMark Deutschland
2 - 3 November 2015
Raunheim, Germany

To find out more about these events and to view all of LonMark International's events.
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