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New Associate Member: BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU)
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FieldServer Technologies
This event will feature presentations from innovative utilities, advanced solution providers, and insights from leading experts including Ron Bernstein, LonMark's Chief Ambassador, who will present on the following:

Interoperability: Connecting Things to a Smart City
Smart cities require smart systems with intelligence pushed down to devices. Smart devices that can communicate using an open, interoperable model provide the foundation for growth in this sector. At the heart of interoperability is the need for a way to understand, integrate, and use information from all of the various elements in the smart city. The concept of device and system profiles provides a simple way for systems to understand what’s available and how to interact intelligently. This session will provide an overview of the key elements of interoperability, device and system profiling, and the value of an open communications infrastructure.
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Update on Task Group Activities

The Automated Food Service equipment task group is working on a new version of the LOV Fryer and is reviewing the Oil Supply profile as well. These updates are expected to be completed soon and go through the formal profile update process.

The AFS group is developing these profiles using the new task group procedures implementing the working group concept for meetings within the task group. This is going well so far, as it streamlines the development meetings and task group efforts.

A new sub-meter profile is also being proposed in the BAS task group. Formal task group work on this proposal should start soon. If you are interested, please contact the LonMark technical team to gain access for this task group profile project.

Collaboration Tool

To aid the collaboration of task group activities, we are testing the use of the Basecamp collaboration tool to share files and ideas and coordinate meetings.
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Experienced with LonWorks® technologies? Considering expanding your résumé by becoming a LonMark Certified Professional? Then register for one of LonMark International’s six-hour online training courses, structured to refresh existing knowledge of LonWorks technology and prepare participants to pass the Certified Professional exam.*

The course is offered several times a year, with the next session scheduled for November 13–14, 2014

Additional training dates are available for groups of 5 or more upon request.

Why Attend?
• Prepare for the LonMark® Certified Professional exam.
• Increase your knowledge of LonWorks networks.
• Enhance your résumé with additional training.
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These days, the decision to incorporate intelligent control systems is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity due to escalating energy costs coupled with measures adopted by the European Union in the interest of reducing building energy consumption. This situation, together with the highly competitive market and rapid technological progress, means that open control systems are gaining prominence due to their flexibility, effectiveness and ability to integrate with the rest of the building infrastructures.
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Using the inteliLIGHT® remote management platform, Brasov is one of the first European cities to witness electric Vehicles charging directly from the street lighting grid.

The technology, developed by Flashnet, makes it easy to attach EV charging plugs directly to the street lighting poles, while the charging management can be integrated in the same software application as the public lighting. Therefore, EV charging stations can be implemented everywhere in the city in a matter of months, without the need for extensive civil works.

The integrated solution allows different payment methods (as prepay or post-pay), but the local authorities plan to promote Brasov as a cleaner and more responsible city by offering this service free of charge in order to encourage the local usage of electrical vehicles.

Based on open protocols, the street lighting management solution provided by inteliLIGHT® offers complete compatibility and interoperability with multiple vendor agnostic controllers, sensors and smart city applications.

To meet the requirements of the lighting management project in Brasov, Flashnet included in its final solution equipment produced by several Lonmark members: Apanet (environmental sensors), ADIC (electronic ballast with integrated control) and Echelon (smart servers and electronic ballast controllers) are integrated into the inteliLIGHT® system, ensuring that Brasov will have a state-of-the-art street lighting remote management solution and Smart City platform.
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"Well worth it and successful" is how the participants described the LonMark Deutschland member booth at the Light Building 2014 tradeshow.

LonMark Deutschland is planning to have another member pavilion for the upcoming tradeshow, ISH 2015 (March 10–14, 2015 in Frankfurt am Main). ISH is the world's largest show for energy-efficient heating and climate technology and renewable energies, with a large portion dedicated to building automation and energy management.

Mark your Calendars! LonMark Deutschland will host another booth for LON technology at the Light Building 2016. LonMark members worldwide are invited to take part in the exhibition.
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LonMark International is proud to be an endorsing organization for the following industry events:
• The Second Annual IoT Global Summit: Oct. 26–27 in Washington D.C., U.S.
• Hi-Tech Buildings: Oct. 29–31 in Moscow, Russia
• Light Middle East: Nov. 3–5 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
• Interlight Moscow: Nov. 11–14 in Moscow, Russia

To find out more about these events and to view all of LonMark International's events, click on the Learn More link below:
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