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New Certified Professionals:
Agustin Soberanes Ramirez
Moises Julian Diaz
Hector Bracamontes
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FieldServer Technologies
LonMark International hosted an impressive multi-vendor networked streetlight system consisting of 20 luminaries at this year's Light+Building.

Several competing manufacturers demonstrated their networked luminaries and system software, including Osram, Rongwen, Thorn, Amko, Vossloh-Schwabe, Citylone, APANET, Echelon, Adic, Flashnet and Streetlight.Vision.

The networked streetlight system illustrated several key features including:
• Energy saving through stepless and dynamic light dimming
• Lamp failure detection
• Cable theft detection, energy theft detection
• Real time control and monitoring
• Scheduling, alarming, reporting and much more.

LonMark has taken a leadership role in this new marketplace by providing guide specifications, white papers, and educational events encouraging the adoption of interoperable streetlight control solutions. Ongoing webinars are offered free of charge.

Overall the feedback from our members has been extremely positive. Be sure to check out quotes from Citylone, Adic and Apanet regarding their experience at this year's event:
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Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

AMKO SOLARA Lighting Co., Ltd. has been serving in the energy-efficient lighting space since 2005 as one of the leading businesses promoting induction lighting, LED and smart control systems. Led by innovation and a focus on building core competitive advantage through next generation technology, AMKO introduced its exclusive ONID-TA photocatalyst solution and Nanoflex® technology that enhance lighting output with self-cleaning mechanism and special reflective material. Partnered with Echelon Corp, a leading developer of system and networking infrastructure products, AMKO debuted its smart control solutions that have already been adopted by more than 50 projects in the U.S. and Europe.
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Distech Controls recently introduced its Integrated Room Control Solution, an end-to-end system for the control of HVAC room terminal equipment, lighting and shades, achieving the highest levels of comfort for occupants while increasing operating cost savings, from installation time and wiring/material requirements to energy consumption. It is a unique, modular solution designed for local or room applications, such as offices, patient rooms, dorms, military housing, etc.

What makes this solution of synergies unique is that it can easily be adjusted by users. The Integrated Room Control Solution can be handled with the Allure EC-Smart-Vue, communicating sensor, the EC-Remote wireless personal remote control, as well as the free "Smart-Sense Room Control" mobile app. This variety of room devices and convenience of a mobile app addresses the requirements of LEED® Credit 6.2: Controllability of Systems – Thermal Comfort.
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The city of Brignais selected Citylone’s street light management solution specially adapted for small cities and rural areas where autonomous lighting management is achieved by dimming luminaries in the middle of the night. The autonomous solution is recognized for its easy installation and ability to manage different groups of luminaries in DALI and simple system-wide configuration.
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LonMark Deutschland honored members Echelon Corp., Gesytec GmbH, DH electronics GmbH, Hermos Systems GmbH, Honeywell Building Solutions GmbH, REGULEX Automation GmbH and WAREMA Renkhoff SE for their long-time membership at this year's Light+Building 2014.

Echelon and Gesytec are among the founding members of the LON Nutzer Organisation (LNO) which was founded in 1993 and renamed LonMark Deutschland e.V in 2006.

This year Echelon and Gesytec have hit a 21-year membership milestone and DH electronics GmbH, Hermos Systems GmbH, Honeywell Building Solutions GmbH, REGULEX Automation GmbH and WAREMA Renkhoff SE have been members in the organisation for 20 years.
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May 13-15, 2014
San Francisco, CA, USA

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