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New Certified Professionals:
Maria Angeles Salcedo Salgado
Andres Santiago Mendoza Mino
Josue Natanal Cevallos Bayas
Maria Belen Villavicencio
Juan Eduardo Lozada Zambrano
Hector William Albuja Barreno
Santiago Montero
Michele Paroli
Armando Alomoto
Jonathan William Mora Cortez
Alfredo Carrillo
Patricio Pilaguano
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LonMark International is offering the Web-based version of the Professional Certification Exam Refresher Course in preparation for the exam. The next course is scheduled for April 15–16, 2014.
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inteliLIGHT® StreetLight Control software integrates all necessary algorithms, processes and functions needed for a state-of-the-art street lighting NMS. There are three versions available (Lite, Professional and Enterprise) that progressively combine increased degrees of complexity with improved functionalities and extended management capabilities. inteliLIGHT® StreetLight Control can be therefore suited for any remote street lighting management project, regardless of its dimensions or the hardware manufacturer. And as your budget may require a full license acquisition instead of a SAAS license, we are ready to accommodate that by offering it also as an independent software solution. Download the free Lite version:
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FieldServer Technologies
LonMark International is hosting a booth located in hall 5.0, stand C12 in the Urban Lighting area. With our members we will showcase the benefits of networked street lighting solutions and energy efficient control systems through an interactive demonstration.

For the first time ever in a Lighting Show, competing manufacturers are joining forces to demonstrate the benefits of a multi-vendor interoperable street light control system. Based on LonWorks technology (power line and/or wireless) and backed by the ISO/IEC 14908 suite of standards, this street light control system enables cities to select best of breed products from more than 20 suppliers of light controllers. The open street light control system, utilizing the LonMark interoperability standard, supports hundreds of features including energy saving through stepless and dynamic light dimming, lamp failure detection, cable theft detection, energy theft detection, real time control and monitoring, scheduling, alarming, reporting and much more.

At the Light+Building show in Frankfurt (March 30–April 4), 10 manufacturers of lighting controllers and one supplier of a street light central management software will show a multi-vendor street light network utilizing this open platform. Companies participating in the street lighting demonstration include: Flashnet, Osram, Rongwen, Thorn, Amko, Vossloh-Schwabe, Citylone, Apanet, Echelon and Adic. The Streetlight.Vision central management software controls and monitors multiple lighting controllers from a single management interface on the same streetlight network and demonstrates all the features of this most widely deployed streetlight control platform.
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Naylor Association Solutions
Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Streetlight.Vision provides open Control and Monitoring Software, also called Central Management Software or CMS, that commands, controls, monitors and configures networks of smart streetlights as well as any other devices connected to the streetlight grid, through any protocol or control technology, including the LonWorks® powerline technology. With 450 projects in 15 countries and the largest projects in the Smart Streetlight industry, the Streetlight.Vision CMS Software is unique. The Streetlight.Vision team has acquired massive field expertise in this fast growing market. Streetlight.Vision shares its expertise with its resellers in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Americas. To become a Streetlight.Vision Reselling Partner, Certified Partner or Enterprise Partner, please contact Streetlight.Vision by email at
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LONMARK® FRANCE invites you to attend the next free Agor@Lon to be held Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at Mercure Paris Porte d'Orléans - France.

The first edition in 2012 was dedicated to the development of a quality building automation project, from technical specifications to consultants-integrators-suppliers relationships. The second edition in 2013 addressed the evolution towards « SmartXX », and the issue of exploiting automated buildings after delivery.

The 2014 edition will address the building regulatory requirements in the field taking into account the different existing markets. It will show how open systems based on LON® can provide solutions to meet these requirements for investors and owners of existing buildings but also for consultants and operators.
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SPIE Contributes to Smarter, More Energy Efficient Environments for Six Parisian Cities Using LonWorks Streetlight Management & Control System

A collective effort among six cities in the south of Paris to improve energy efficiency, enhance lighting services and road safety has led to large-scale streetlight renovation projects that are transforming how local municipalities invest in themselves by utilizing future-proof technologies.
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LonMark Deutschland booth at the Light+Building 2014

LonMark Deutschland is hosting a joint booth in Hall 9.0, booth E10. Exhibitors at the joint booth include: Avnet Memec, Belimo, Cirrus Logic, Echelon, Gesytec GmbH, Kieback&Peter, LONMARK International, LONMARK Deutschland, PASStec, spega and TU Dresden (Faculty Informatics).

Several LonMark members are exhibiting near the joint booth and in other halls at the Light+Building show:
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You’ve got a hot position that needs to be filled. The job description is locked down, the hiring manager is ready, but the candidate applications are barely trickling in. Oftentimes common mistakes can quickly be corrected with slight changes to the job title, job ad, and method of job distribution.

"The Recruiting Success Checklist: 3 Easy Techniques to Improve Applicant Flow & Job Traffic" ensures that you are following best practices to:

• Reach to the best candidate channels
• Leverage your referral network
• Optimize your job ad
• Communicate the benefits of working at your company
• Generate more exposure
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