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New Certified Professionals:
Daniel Elliott
Tony Suarez
Renata Soares Semente
Percy Alberto Lozano Saavedra
Jonathan Barrera Delgado
Jose Humberto Piaggi Ferreyros
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LonMark International is pleased to announce the web-based version of the Professional Certification Exam Refresher Course in preparation for the exam.
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LonMark announced that it is expanding its industry recognized interoperability guidelines and device profile architecture to support the rapidly growing market for Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). LonMark’s release corresponds with Echelon® Corporation’s new open IzoT platform, which enables the creation of highly reliable communities of devices based on LonMark’s proven interoperability model.
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FieldServer Technologies
Crossing the Chasm: Combining BACnet Controllers and LonMark Devices in a Heterogeneous System

This session provides insight into how BAS/BMS systems are specified and deployed using BACnet IP at the BMS tier and LonMark certified BAS field devices. Specifiers often require BACnet at the top level in two-tier network architectures. However, integrators are using LonMark certified devices, which deliver a more compelling interoperable framework. Together, system designers are recognizing the full life-cycle benefits of open system solutions using a combination of these two ISO standard protocols. This webinar will discuss basic system architecture design, specification compliance, and approaches to greater interoperability, reliability and flexibility.
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Naylor Association Solutions
Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

e-Controls® (Electronic Intelligent Controls, S. L.) is engaged in the design, development, and manufacturing of electronic products, and they develop customized projects for their customers. Products developed by e-Controls comply with rigorous design protocols.
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The AHR Expo is coming up in New York, January 21-23, 2014. LonMark will be in Booth #426. Please contact if you are interested in participating in the LonMark sessions. To view the session schedule please click
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One of the most ambitious residential projects in Spain is the Altos del Hipódromo Neighborhood in which all 48 homes and private social club are automated, monitored, and centrally and remotely controlled. The client wanted to integrate all the various subsystems such as lighting, blinds, HVAC, heated floors, access control, intrusion and technical alarms in each of the homes and social club as well as incorporate street lighting control that could be scheduled and controlled by sunlight intensity level. The ultimate goal is for the entire neighborhood to be connected to a central supervision station where the security personnel can manage all the home alarms and each home featured an intuitive HMI where users could watch and control all the subsystems of the house.
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1. LONM (Master module). It is a device with RS485 interface to slave terminals and FTT-10 interface to be connected to LonWorks® Network. Each LONM allows the management of 8 slave terminals. LONM occupies 2 DIN modules and has a HBUS connector for an easy connection Plug & Play with LON Slave modules.

2. LONS-IO (Slave module with I/O). It communicates through RS485 protocol with LONM and it is dedicated to physical control of sensors and actuators installed in offices or hotel rooms. Each LONS-IO manages 6 digital inputs (expandable up to 8, thanks to the availability of 2 universal inputs, analog or digital), 3 analog inputs (temperature sensor, lux sensor, 0-10V analog input), 4 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs.

3. LONSR-IO (Slave module with Readers and I/O). It communicates through RS485 protocol with LONM. It has 2 RJ45 connectors for the connection with 2 badge readers and a RS485 port for the communication with serial devices. Each LONSR-IO manages 4 digital inputs (expandable up to 6, thanks to the availability of 2 universal inputs, analog or digital), 2 analog inputs (temperature sensor, 0-10V analog input), 4 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs.

Some advantages of this new complete solution: versatility, high performance, very affordable prices. For more information email:
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Responding to the current climate and economic challenges, the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, will host the 10th edition of the Exhibition and Forum on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy & Smart Cities for South-East Europe from 5th to 7th March 2014.

The Region features great potential for utilization of renewables and investments in smart technologies which could reshape the urban areas into more efficient resource and flexible systems.

Leading companies will present their products in the sectors: energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste-to-energy, e-mobility and transport, building automation and management, intelligent emergency management, different ICT solutions, etc. For more information: Via Expo Ltd.

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