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Our LonMark Technical Advisory Committee completed the review of the new Luminaire Controller (35.14) and passed it on to the board of directors for approval. The LonMark board of directors approved the profile in early September as well. This new profile provides advanced adaptive lighting control capabilities in very small memory footprint implementations. Outdoor lighting products with cost-effective power line and RF interfaces will be making their way to the marketplace with the 35.14 Luminaire Controller profile.
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FieldServer Technologies
LonMark’s Ambassador Eric Sun will be attending and presenting at the upcoming Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology on behalf of LonMark International.
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LonMark recently announced three 60-minute live educational, non-promotional sessions that will discuss the key trends and the challenges relating to street lighting, optimizing microgrids and the benefits of open system solutions. Register today!
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Naylor Association Solutions
The next issue of the magazine will be published in time for AHR Expo in January 2014 and to celebrate LonMark's 20th Anniversary. This upcoming issue's theme will focus on Energy Efficiency and the Internet of Things. We are proactively seeking articles focused on these topics and are interested in content on emerging technologies, case studies and more.

Also if you are interested in placing an ad in this milestone edition, please contact

Don't wait. The deadline for content is October 31, 2013. The magazine will fill-up fast, so act now.

If you have questions or comments on the proposed theme, please contact
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Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Citylone is a French company dedicated to intelligent street lighting control. Its smart controllers can control either magnetic or electronic ballasts in ON/OFF or dimming, are compatible with all types of lamps and can be used for new or existing installations. They communicate via the powerline technology on the LonWorks® network, using the existing electrical network. Citylone products can be managed by the Streetlight.Vision solution.
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The AHR Expo is coming up in New York January 21-23, 2014. We are now in the process of planning our presence at this show. We are looking to our membership for assistance in this planning including a call for presentations for LonMark's education sessions. Please contact if you are interested in participating in the LonMark sessions or if you have ideas on session topics.
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LonMark International is accepting submissions for The "Best of the Year" awards program. The organization will be recognizing companies, projects and individuals in the following areas: the best Multi-Vendor Project, Certified Device, Infrastructure Product and Visionary of the Year.

Nominations will be accepted until Nov. 5, 2013. Award winners will be unveiled in the January issue of the LonMark International magazine distributed at the AHR Expo in January. Companies are encouraged to enter products released within the past 12 months. Be sure to submit your entries!
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Veris Industries
Guancheng Applies the Internet of Things Model to a Citywide Street Lighting Retrofit

"Smart City"- based intelligent outdoor lighting has become the most ideal platform to realize "Smart City" with its wide coverage, strong extensibility and good stability. As the biggest "Internet of Things Intelligent Street Lighting Solution" provider, Guangdong Rongwen retrofitted the street lighting system of the district of Guancheng in Dongguan, China as part of a larger initiative of creating intelligent, efficient and low-carbon city management solution. Leading the upgrade, the Dongguan Guancheng Utility Service Center was tasked with replacing nearly 12,500 street and alley lights while integrating an intelligent control system that communicates with the greater city management system.

With the assistance of Guangdong Rongwen Energy Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Rongwen), the Utility Service Center will apply the "Internet of Things" model—where all hardware, software and services are identified, integrated and efficiently managed—to modernize a community that will realize energy savings of up to 70 percent while increasing public safety and security.
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25 September to 26 September 2013
Paris, France
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Simon's new LonWorks® control system is certified by LonMark® International and features the optimization of engineering functions or systems in buildings (hotels, hospitals, offices, schools, etc.).

Integrated systems make it possible to manage the entire system, enhancing operation of the business, by providing improved comfort, energy efficiency and savings. In this way, integrated systems enhance the benefits offered by isolated control systems, achieving up to 30% savings in total energy consumed.
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E-Controls has provided the lighting control system based on the e-Scene tactile keypad and the dimming receivers e-Controller, providing a practical and effective control for the light dimming using different lighting scenes on the Twentytu Hostel, becoming the first building for hospitality in Barcelona to get the hightest qualification of energy efficiency and placing as an icon of new generation luxury hostels.

The e-Scene lighting control system is based on different keypads installed on strategic locations of the building, providing a practical and efficient control for the staff who can dim the light of the different zones depending on the time of the day and the occupancy level, obtaining a necessary energy saving to get the "A" qualification of energy efficiency buildings like this.

From the installation point of view, the e-Scene solution has contributed to a significant reduction in installation costs, since no additional wiring is required to communicate the keypads and receivers because a powerful and reliable communication system transmits the information using the main's existing wiring of the installation. The e-Scene keypad has up to five independent channels for switching on, off and dimming the lights individually, among five scenes to adjust the light level of the whole channels at the same time by pressing the desired scene button.

Twentyt?tech Hostel has been an study case of Construction21 platform, a European initiative of the UNESCO with the objective to promote the sustainable building in Europe.

It has been also nominated for the Endesa 2012 Prizes about energy efficiency and optimization of the hostels management and other hotel buildings.
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