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New Members:
Guangdong Rongwen Energy Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH
Suncor Energy
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On Wednesday, 27th March Sylvia Braunleder passed away after a short illness. We are both shocked and saddened. Since 1996, Sylvia Braunleder worked for the LonMark office and was closely connected with the LonMark community.
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The Lighting TG is working on another Outdoor Lighting Controller; this time, a mini-version designed to fit into a memory-limited device and be peer-to-peer capable. It’s not a replacement for the recently published OLC but rather, a complement to it.
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FieldServer Technologies
In Ecuador the Ibarra Justice Department has been built, looking to improve the court system in the country. The building is a place where different kinds of courtrooms have been located like, Family, Women, Childhood and Teenage Courtrooms, Civil and Criminal Courtrooms. This construction is divided in an underground parking area, and two building blocks one with 6 floors and the other with 3 floors, making it a total area of 10.000 m2.
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LonMark International welcomes its newest ambassador, Mithun Kumar S R, PE, LCP, Ambassador - India, LonMark Growth in India, technical implementation & integration

Also LonMark's Ambassador Program has been involved with the new North America Streetlighting Spec: Model Specification for Adaptive Control and Remote Monitoring of LED Roadway Luminaires, V1.0. To download the spec:
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May 21, 2013 8 AM PDT: Power of Profiles - Register Today!

This session will provide an overview of device-function profiling and discuss the importance of this concept in creating interoperable systems. The session will elaborate on the concept of tightly defined information sharing in a contextual framework that allows integrators to have full control over the customization of a system for their clients – using off-the-shelf devices from a variety of vendors. For the end user the benefits of interoperability are combined with the standardization of profiled functions for thermostats, air handlers, lights, elevators, smoke alarms, and more. Attendees will be shown how strong data typing and profiling produce the building blocks for open controls systems.
Speaker: Jeremy J. Roberts, LonMark Technical Director
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Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Flashnet, a Romanian company established in 2005, develops and integrates innovative solutions to optimize the energy distribution system, whilst offering new ways to monitor and manage the electric grid. Flashnet's vision emphasizes progress through technological achievements. With a wide range of experience in street lighting control and data communications, Flashnet designed intelilight®, a complete hardware and software solution for intelligent street lighting remote management, which significantly reduces energy consumption and CO₂ emissions and provides a foundation for future digital cities.
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Veris Industries
As System Integration Strategies Become More Complex, The Need For Improved Building Automation System Specifications Becomes Evident.

By Ron Bernstein, Chief Ambassador for LonMark
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Echelon, Osram and the smart street light network

Networked street lights are a fascinating space where the latest in city-scale, energyefficient lighting and digital networking combine. We’ve seen a ton of new entrants into the field, from smart meter players like Sensus, Silver Spring Networks (SSNI) and ABB’s Tropos Networks adding streetlights to their mix of networked end-points, to LED contenders working with cities and contractors to tap the extra efficiency and functionality inherent in those digital sources of light.
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Allgemeine Gewerbeschule ( is vocational school and training center in the Swiss city of Basel. AGS has 250 teachers providing basic vocational training and advanced education for almost 4,000 apprentices across 50 different professions. During a comprehensive renovation of the exterior building facades throughout the seven-block campus, designed in the 1950s by the Basel architect Hermann Baur and listed as a historic complex, the interior underwent renovation for energy efficiency.
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