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Jorge Joaquin Rodriguez Ruiz
Jose Pablo Cruz
Jose Efren Sanz Rodriguez
Miguel Angel Corona
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The US Smart Grid Interoperability Panel tasked ASHRAE and NEMA with creating a protocol-neutral Facility Smart Grid Information Model (FSGIM) that would allow for interoperable exchange of information from facility control protocols (like LonWorks) to the up-and-coming Smart Grid.
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The next issue of the magazine will be published in time for AHR Expo in January 2013. The Marketing team has proposed "Cloud Computing" as the focus for the upcoming issue. We are proactively seeking articles and other news items focused on how LonMark and its members are connecting LON to the Cloud. In addition we are also interested in receiving energy-related applications, emerging technologies, case studies and more.

Don't wait. Submit your content now. The deadline for content is October 19, 2012. The magazine will fill-up fast, so act fast.

If you have questions or comments on the proposed theme, please contact shannon.mayette@lonmark.org.
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FieldServer Technologies
This live online class, offered by LonMark Sponsor Echelon Corporation, is designed specifically to prepare candidates for successful completion of the LonMark Certified Professional (LCP) Exam. Required by a growing number of system specifications, exam passage validates industry knowledge of LonWorks networks in areas of network design, installation, configuration and troubleshooting.
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LonMark International is pleased to announce the addition of nearly 500 North American proctored testing sites for LonMark Certified Professional Exam candidates, dramatically improving the availability of exam scheduling and accessibility.
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LonMark International created the LonMark Ambassador Program in an effort to help promote the LonMark message to a broader, worldwide market using local experienced and trained representatives.

We are pleased to introduce John Huston as our latest Ambassador.
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Distech Controls Inc.
Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Western Allied Corporation is a design/build contractor serving the Southern California commercial and industrial marketplace. Western Allied Corporation was founded in Santa Fe Springs, California, in 1961 as a mechanical contractor, specializing in heating, ventilating and air conditioning services and controls.

They employ in-house sheet metal and piping fabrication and are proficient in stainless steel, black iron, galvanized copper, PVC and other piping systems.
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Dalton State College is a four-year academic institution that serves nearly 6,000 students and faculty located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. When Dalton initiated a campus-wide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) retrofit for its 11 buildings in 2009, the end goal was to implement an integrated enterprise control system managed by a common front end that could be accessed from anywhere at any time. The facilities team implemented a LonWorks-based building automation system that would be the foundation for future campus efficiency strategies including energy conservation and resource optimization.
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Article by Wayne Wiebe, Senior Vice President, Kenmark Group

Two buildings set close to downtown San Jose make up the Echelon campus. Echelon is the inventor of a controls protocol called LonWorks. The buildings have extensive control networks which allow fine grain control of building systems. The structures are panel and single pane glass exterior walls; a standard built-up roof and minimum insulation. The buildings are very susceptible to exterior conditions like outside air temperature (OAT) and thermal load. Fortunately, the management team has made reduction of the utility budget a priority and realized fiscal and sustainability benefits. For the last ten years the cost of electricity has remained nearly flat due to innovative energy conservation programs. They have found that participation in incentive programs like demand response, and peak day pricing yields significant cost reduction. A similar way to reduce cost by implementing short-term consumption control is called demand management.
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LonMark Street Lighting Summit
Osram, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Sept. 3, 2012

LonMark International welcomes all member companies and prospective members to attend a LonMark Street Lighting Summit on Sept. 3, 2012. The meeting will take place at an Osram facility in the Frankfurt area. Specific meeting-location details will be provided to those interest in attending the meeting.
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Distech Controls, an innovation leader in building automation and energy management solutions, and Samsung Techwin, a global leader in energy and safety solutions, this week announced a strategic partnership to enhance Samsung Techwin’s Smart Building Management Solution offering.

Under the terms of the agreement, Samsung Techwin will leverage Distech Controls’ leading-edge technology - based on open standards - to provide a complete, fully integrated building management solution to its customers. Distech Controls’ HVAC control products are based on a robust common hardware platform and share the same programming toolset, providing increased efficiency and options for system design, installation, service and maintenance.
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LonMark International is excited to announce that advertising opportunities are now available in the upcoming, LonMark Magazine as well as the website, e-newsletter and upcoming events.

LonMark’s promotional vehicles gain visibility and provide important information on new projects, hardware and software products, emerging technologies, market trends, and new products and services to hit the market. Check out LonMark’s cost-effective marketing tools that will help you reach key decision makers in the controls industry.
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Smart Homes 2012
October 9-11, 2012
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Smart Homes 2012 is the rapidly growing platform for Europe’s smart home professionals to meet and discuss the freshest trends and the latest technology in the smart home business. This year co-located with Europe’s most established smart energy event Metering, Billing/CRM Europe and the industry leading Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe, attending Smart Homes will give you the opportunity to connect with 6500+ international smart energy key stakeholders. LonMark members will get a discount of 20% for conference passes and free entrance to the exhibit.
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