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Directorate of Public Works, Energy Branch
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The LonMark Task Groups are still going strong this season. The Services TG is completing their vote of the new Simple Scheduler profile. The Utility TG is completing the final touches on their metering profiles. The Automated-Food Service TG is working on beverage machines. The Consulting-Specifying Engineer TG is just about ready to start.
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The next issue of the magazine will be published in time for AHR Expo in January 2013. The Marketing team has proposed "Cloud Computing" as the focus for the upcoming issue. We are proactively seeking articles and other news items focused on how LonMark and its members are connecting LON to the Cloud. In addition we are also interested in receiving energy-related applications, emerging technologies, case studies and more.

Don't wait. Submit your content now. The deadline for content is October 19, 2012. The magazine will fill-up fast, so act fast.

If you have questions or comments on the proposed theme, please contact shannon.mayette@lonmark.org.
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FieldServer Technologies
To enhance LonMark's role in the industry, we are proactively researching conferences and exhibitions for 2013. As part of this process we need to continue to develop relevant and compelling speaker topics based on the expertise of our members, ambassadors, etc. If you are interested in providing input we encourage you to participate on an upcoming call scheduled for Tuesday, July 24th at 8am PT.
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This live online class is designed specifically to prepare candidates for successful completion of the LonMark Certified Professional (LCP) Exam. Required by a growing number of system specifications, exam passage validates industry knowledge of LonWorks networks in areas of network design, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.
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That’s what our partners at BirdDog can do for you! Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you have the right people on the job, doing the right things for your customers. Let BirdDog take the stress of "Where will I find the right people?" away.
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Distech Controls Inc.
Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville has partnered with the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL), part of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (USAERDC) to develop LonWorks Open system criteria and promote LonWorks technology control solutions throughout Army installations. Huntsville Center and CERL continue to update, re-write and publish Unified Facility Guide Specifications, Unified Facility Criteria, LonWorks Implementation guidelines and general Building Automation System policies. The Corps conducts research to support sustainable military installations. Research is directed toward increasing the Army's ability to more efficiently construct, operate, and maintain its installations and ensure environmental quality and safety at a reduced life-cycle cost.
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The Utility Monitoring and Control System (UMCS) at the U.S. Army’s Fort Bragg near Fayetteville, North Carolina, winner of the LonMark International 2010 Multi-Vendor Project of the Year for large campus integration, is a
successful implementation of interoperability of systems from eleven different vendors. The project is also significant for its scale, given Fort Bragg’s 2500 buildings with over 25 million square feet (MSF).

The UMCS was conceived in 2006 by the Fort Bragg Directorate of Public Works (DPW) with ongoing coordination and assistance from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District, Huntsville Engineering and
Support Center, and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Construction Engineering Research Laboratory.
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For a listing of upcoming events for LonMark's Affiliates:
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