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Byron Marcelo Escobar Castro
Jose Labrin
Jorge Coello
Felipe Rodriguez
Leonardo Valencia Araneda
Bradley Tucker
Lynn Marsh
Galina Bogatyrevich
Colin Parker
Janaka Abhayawardhana
Rajesh Natesan
Hal Bayless
Kelly Wolf
Matthew Hall
Benjamin Card
Harold Honeycutt
Michael Glosenger
Juri Reitsakas
Michael Jackson
Juan Gabriel Medina Valenzuela
Ariel Escobar
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FieldServer Technologies
LonMark's free education seminar presentations and audio from Light + Building 2012 are now available for download. The sessions cover a variety of topics and were led by industry experts and member companies, including Echelon Corporation, EnOcean Alliance, Infranet Partners, LOYTEC electronics GmbH, Newron System and Teroc AB.
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LonMark Italy is renovating its website - to see the new look visit www.lonmark.it

LonMark Switzerland created a distributor's class of membership to broaden brand presence for international companies. The organization recently welcomed four new members, including Manufacturers: Kieback & Peter and Theben Schweiz AG; Distributor: Avnet Memec and Specifier: Adiutec.
Also they recently launched the Certified System Integrators Program and had immediate interest from four companies to participate in the program.
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In January, LonMark International created the LonMark Ambassador Program in an effort to help promote the LonMark message to a broader, worldwide market using local experienced and trained representatives. LonMark Ambassadors are authorized personnel equipped with the skills and tools necessary to deliver the common LonMark message, support local events and activities and help LonMark grow worldwide. To date we have four volunteers:
• Ron Bernstein (Chief Ambassador)
• Chuck Holland – USA
• Martin Mentzel – Germany
• Victor Cañete – Spain, Mexico, South/Latin America
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Distech Controls Inc.
The LonMark Board of Directors has unanimously voted for the creation of a new LonMark Task Group. The Consulting-Specifying Engineer Task Group (CSE TG) will provide a logistical home for producing specifications, collateral, and related materials to engage and support CSE firms.
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Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Franke is a leading provider of foodservice equipment and facilities solutions to global foodservice operators. These chains rely on Franke for a number of products and services: Innovative foodservice and ventilation equipment, kitchen facility design, fabrication and turnkey consolidation/installation; equipment and supplies replenishment and technical services. Franke also develops facility and equipment automation solutions and provides related integration services. A sister company, Franke Coffee Systems, provides automated equipment for specialty coffee preparation to leading foodservice chains and operators worldwide.
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Beginning as manager trainee and crewperson, respectively, Tom and Candace Spiel have risen within the ranks of the McDonald's system to own and operate nine restaurants in southern California. In 2010, they rebuilt their first McDonald’s, which originally opened in 1966. They chose to rebuild it to LEED Gold standards incorporating eco-friendly and energy-efficient features.

The Challenge
The restaurant located at 2242 University Avenue in Riverside, CA is the first McDonald’s restaurant west of the Mississippi and the fourth in the U.S. to seek LEED Gold certification. This McDonald’s restaurant highlights the green focus of Riverside: California's first Emerald City.
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As a first-time exhibitor at the National Restaurant Association’s annual conference and exhibit, held May 5-8 in Chicago, LonMark International showcased energy management solutions to the 58,000+ attendees representing all aspects of the restaurant industry. With the help of LonMark members Distech Controls, Franke and Small Box Energy, LonMark was successful in educating industry professionals on the energy-efficiency, resource- and cost-savings potential of solutions while establishing the LonMark brand as an important standard that enables automated food service equipment and smark kitchens.

Several major brands visited the LonMark booth specifically looking for energy management solutions, including Yum! Brands, Dunkin’ Donuts and Chick-fil-A. The restaurant and hospitality market holds much opportunity for the organization and our members. LonMark will continue to explore additional events and activities where we can provide insight and resources for operators and owners who are taking a serious look at reducing operating and energy costs.

For more information on upcoming events:
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Feature articles include:
-The TNT Centre: Zero Emission Building Delivers Quality, Comfort and Sustainability
-Smart Grid's Impact
-Expert Q&A: Ron Jarnagin
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