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New Associate Member EMEA
Bauer Elektrounternehmen GmbH & Co. KG
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FieldServer Technologies
We are pleased to announce a new member benefit that addresses an on-going problem facing our member companies. How do we enable companies to quickly hire qualified employees, while having the option to track, store and communicate with applicants throughout the year? I would like to introduce you to BirdDog, our newest partner!
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LonMark International would like to thank and recognize its longtime supporters who continue to demonstrate industry leadership and commitment to the organization.
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Distech Controls Inc.
The LonMark Task Groups -- the technical life-blood of the community -- are back in action this February. With our new group email lists in place, Task Group Leaders will be contacting members to let them know how things are going and where we’re headed.
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Each month, LonMark International features a company, organization, or individual committed to the development, manufacture, and use of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Quantum Automation Pte Ltd. began with the vision of providing the best technological solutions in the business of engineering design, system installation, commissioning and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical equipment and building controls systems. This focus has culminated in the creation of cutting edge intelligent systems that exist in every facet of life. Quantum Automation is a company with a deep knowledge of industry requirements. Drawing from our vast experience in the field of building controls, we have the capability of offering consultants and developers total turnkey solutions for individual projects from beginning to end.
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LonMark International announced support for an expanded interoperability model to deliver increased value, improved energy efficiency and advanced capabilities to building owners and operators. Under this model, LONMARK International embraces the implementation of heterogeneous systems consisting of different industry protocols or standards linked together in a single, interoperable system. This approach allows system integrators and implementers to deliver "best of breed" solutions to their customers.
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LonMark announced the winners of its Best of the Year Awards for 2011. The annual awards honor products, companies, projects and individuals that have demonstrated innovation, vision and leadership.
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The Thorn Brook School in Oberstedten, Germany is one of the first all-day schools in Germany with integrated daycare services. The Thorn Brook School is not only a pioneer in education, but their decision to adopt a state-of–the-art building automation system and geothermal energy delivers economic efficiency and a comfortable environment.
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LonMark's Booth is located in hall 9.0 – E10
LonMark will have a booth, education sessions and multiple members participating at the upcoming Light + Building Conference to be held April 15-20, in Messe Frankfurt, Germany. In its booth, LONMARK will showcase its members, products and applications that support its strategy to expand interoperability. Member companies that are co-exhibitors include:
STV Automation Branch of STV Electronic GmbH
LonMark Germany
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March 7-8, 2012
Atlantic City, NJ
Decision makers from business, industry and government must now seek integrated energy solutions — solutions which assure both a secure and affordable energy supply to meet today's and tomorrow's needs, and effective management of energy and overall operational costs. Globalcon 2012, presented by the Association of Energy Engineers, is designed specifically to facilitate those seeking to expand their knowledge of fast-moving developments in the energy field, explore promising new technologies, compare energy supply options, and learn about innovative and cost-conscious project implementation strategies.
LonMark Members receive $200 VIP Conference Registration!
Simply click the link below to begin conference registration, enter in coupon code LONMARK12 to receive $200 off registration.
Please note you will be prompted to create a username/password: http://www.aeecenter.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageID=4031

Other key events for 2012 include:
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LonMark Spain goes a step further in its commitment to provide new content to the market by completely renovating its website. It has been designed for easier navigation from any portable device like a smartphone or a tablet. They have introduced new features such as menus for certified professionals LON, training and certification centers as well as included a calendar of conferences, fairs, workshops and other events.
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