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Hello Kentucky!

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What a winter we have experienced this year. I must say that I believe it has been one of the lengthiest and coldest in memory. Though we are currently receiving a healthy dose of spring rainfall, I will definitely take it over snow, ice and cold!

Along with this period of rough weather has been one of the Commonwealths worse flu seasons. Our residents have been fighting very harsh strains of the virus that have claimed more than 120 Kentucky lives this season. Though most of us manage staff that are not “clinical care givers”, we still carry much responsibility to protect them and their families from this illness.

We all know that proper hand washing is the best safe guard against acquiring the virus. We often assume our staff understand and practice “proper” hand washing techniques. Of course, assuming can get us in trouble….It is not too late to schedule your Infection Control Professional to provide a quick in-service to your staff. I myself am married to an Infection Control Professional. I have witnessed environmental culture reports that show infectious growth on staff keyboards, elevator buttons, door handles and most anything touched in a healthcare setting (not to mention your local grocery store, mall, restaurant, etc..). A little education can go a long way. Moreover, when those “tough guys” come to work feeling sick….send them home!

On a more positive note, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize a few of our KSHE members for their services.

Matt Snow, Executive Director of Facility Services at Baptist Health Paducah and KSHE Board Member recently received the 2017 Young Leader of Western Kentucky Award. Matt is a developing and growing leader in the Commonwealth and I am sure we have not seen the last of his growing number of accomplishments. Congratulations Matt!

I also want to recognize Michael Lavens and Wayne Ramsey who were recently nominated and received the first KSHE Lifetime Membership Awards. Michael and Wayne both have given much of their time and of themselves to grow KSHE. Both men have volunteered several years of their professional lives to the KSHE Board of Directors as Leaders and Officers. Our organization has grown and flourished under their Leadership, hard work and dedication to improve healthcare through education. Thank you for all you have done for Kentucky!

We are currently collecting our nominations for the 2018 KSHE Scholarship opportunity. The selected person will receive $500 per semester for 8 continuous semesters. This is an awesome opportunity to assist in the growth of education for an individual. Interested people should apply through the KSHE.org website before the April 15th deadline.

And last, don’t forget to have your contractors and vendors sign up for the upcoming KSHE Certified Healthcare Contractor program occurring March 9th in Lexington. Do your part to keep patients safe through continuing education.

Stay healthy,
Jack Merrill CHE, CHFM, CHPA, CHC
President KSHE

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