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IIE is pleased to announce the 2016 call for applications for the IIE Generation Study Abroad Scholarship Program. Through this program IIE will provide incentive grants of $7,500 to campuses to be used for study abroad scholarships for their students (including internships and service learning opportunities) that take place between Fall 2016 through Summer 2017. These grants are in support of pledged efforts by U.S. colleges and universities who are Generation Study Abroad partners. They are intended to diversify study abroad and encourage students to go abroad who would otherwise not participate in an international experience. 
U.S. colleges and universities who have joined Generation Study Abroad as Commitment Partners by June 30, 2015 and have submitted their annual progress report to IIE are invited to submit an IIE Generation Study Abroad Scholarship Program Incentive Grant Application. Commitment partners who joined after will have an opportunity to participate in future competitions. For more information visit the Scholarship Program webpage or contact Nikki Davis at ndavis@iie.org
IIE is proud to announce the relaunch of the Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA), made possible by generous support from the Freeman Foundation. Created to assist U.S. students with demonstrated financial need and limited prior experience in East and Southeast Asia, Freeman-ASIA will fund approximately 400 students over the next two academic years, with awards ranging from $3,000 per student for summer study and $5,000 per semester, to a maximum of $7,000 for a full year abroad. Students may apply online starting February 1st for awards to study abroad beginning in summer 2016. Prospective students should visit the Freeman-ASIA website for eligibility requirements, full application instructions and a list of deadlines. 
The newly released paper, Toward a Research Agenda for U.S. Education Abroad, builds on the 1996 AIEA publication, A Research Agenda for the Internationalization of Higher Education in the United States, and provides SIOs with a concise overview of research in the area of U.S. education abroad. Beginning with a brief discussion of the changing role of U.S. higher education and the ever-increasing momentum toward assessing and documenting outcomes, it then looks at the major trends in contemporary education abroad research and provides an overview of the major methodological and design challenges. 
Study Abroad Programs Show Durability in Age of Terrorism – "Terrorism fears are on everyone’s mind, but it’s not deterring people" from studying abroad - Boston Globe

U.S. Lags Behind Foreign Counterparts in Study Abroad – "Last year, a total of 4.5 million students left their home countries and traveled abroad to study. Nearly 1 million of them traveled to the United States, but just 304,000 Americans left their stateside universities to study abroad." – The Washington Diplomat
Building Strategic International Partnerships: The 18th Annual Colloquium on International Engineering Education – "Two questions that we heard repeated multiple times were: 1) How should engineering students best articulate their study abroad or international experience to future employers? 2) How can an international experience complement the technical skills engineers need to have?" – IIE Blog
Commitment Partner Spotlight

As part of their Generation Study Abroad pledge, OPAIC is offering four fee-reduction scholarships of NZD3,000 to students of Generation Study Abroad U.S. commitment partner institutions for one semester of study in their Bachelor of Applied Management program. Course offerings can be found in the Study Abroad Calendar.  
International Partners: Birmingham City University, UK; Technische Universität München, Germany; University of Pécs, Hungary; Freie Universität Berlin, Germany; Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), New Zealand 
IIE enthusiastically commends the District of Columbia Public Schools’ Global Ed Program, which recently unveiled fully-funded study abroad trips for 8th and 11th grade students. More than 400 educators and students enrolled in a world language course will participate in short-term language immersion, global leadership, or service learning trips starting in June. Global Ed will also sponsor middle and high school teachers to become Travel Ambassadors to lead trips and prepare students for them.
Events and Deadlines
Application Deadline: March 15, 2016 | Read More

The U.S. Department of State Office of Global Educational Programs, U.S. Study Abroad Branch and at the Partners of the Americas, is pleased to announcement new Capacity Building Grants for U.S. Undergraduate Study Abroad. 

The 17 Capacity Building Grants for U.S. Undergraduate Study Abroad (up to $50,000 each) will further the mission of the U.S. Study Abroad Branch by increasing the participation and diversity in study abroad through enhancing higher education institutions' capacity to send their students overseas for academic credit, internships, or other experiential learning opportunities. Through capacity building grant projects, U.S. institutions will receive initial funding to establish or expand study abroad offerings within their institution in a strategic manner. 

April 19-20, 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic (with follow-up campus visits April 21-22)

Sponsored by the Department of State, Office of Global Educational Program, the Fulbright Commission in the Czech Republic in cooperation with Czech universities that offer education in STEM, is organizing a capacity-building workshop that will concentrate on study abroad programs for STEM students.  The event will be focused on two goals:

1) To increase the study abroad participation of U.S. students in STEM fields and
2) To attract these students to Czech HEIs. 

The 2-day workshop, followed by two days of campus visits, will bring together Czech and U.S. educators, as well as international staff focused on STEM, including Sabeen Altaf from IIE who will be presenting on Generation Study Abroad and IIE administered STEM programs.

IIE invites you to the IIE Best Practices Conference "Lead your Campus to the Top: Best Practices in Internationalizing the Campus" on Friday, March 11, 2016 at the University of California, Davis. Please register early, as registration is limited to space capacity. IIENetwork members receive a registration discount. 

The conference will cover many exciting keynote, plenary, and session themes, and will feature high-level experts, including presidents, provosts, and international education administrators from institutions around the world. In addition, a special awards portion of the conference will honor the winners of the 2016 IIE Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education. We also invite you to attend the optional pre-conference roundtable discussions and a networking reception on March 10.



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