April 18, 2014
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As the Institute of International Education begins counting down to its Centennial in 2019, we are also scaling up our efforts to expand the conversation regarding study abroad and U.S. student academic mobility. 

In March, IIE launched a new Generation Study Abroad initiative with an ambitious goal to double the number of students who study abroad by the end of the decade. We know that this can only be achieved through an inclusive and far-reaching effort. IIE is increasing efforts to reach those outside of the study abroad realm to engage a wider community in this vital conversation. 

To achieve a broader perspective and more inclusive dialogue, IIE’s Study Abroad Resource has been expanded to become Generation Study Abroad News. The scope and reach of this resource will be greater, with the hope that the conversation will go even deeper. This new publication will feature news and achievements from our Commitment Partners, as well as new research and commentary on important topics related to education abroad. Through increased community engagement and an expanded network, we hope the opportunity to share insights and best practices across sectors will pave the way for groundbreaking and long-lasting change. 

We look forward to your insightful contributions and the chance to learn as much from you as you may learn from us. 


Allan Goodman
President and CEO
Institute of International Education
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Commitment Partner Spotlight

To date, more than 200 partners have joined and committed to take specific, measurable actions to expand study abroad opportunities for American students by the end of the decade. Partners so far include 180 campuses from 41 U.S. states, as well as foreign campuses, governments and exchange agencies, education associations, and other educational organizations. We are deeply grateful to those who have already joined.
The May 1st Deadline to join Generation Study Abroad in time for the next public announcement of partners is quickly approaching. By building a global alliance of dedicated partners we hope to expand study abroad opportunities and build a platform for community support and engagement. We encourage your institution to make a commitment now and be part of this important initiative.

This is Your Newsletter

In order to ensure that this newsletter is both impactful and inclusive, we invite our partners to submit items of interest to studyabroad@iie.org for publication in future newsletters. Specifically, we are seeking articles that include:
  • Success stories and highlights regarding the impact of study abroad.
  • Resources and recommendations on study abroad. 
  • Upcoming events and activities to share with the community. 
  • Other noteworthy pieces beyond this list that could enrich the knowledge of this diverse community.
A Noteworthy Highlight

Generation Study Abroad was recently highlighted in CNN’s feature coverage of First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to China where she spoke out about the value of cross-cultural learning. Already this initiative has generated a great deal of awareness about the importance of U.S. student mobility. Please help us share this piece and let us know if your participation in Generation Study Abroad has produced news on your campus or within your organization so that we may highlight you as well.
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Events and Deadlines

IIE is seeking article submissions that highlight best practices and explore bold new ideas for doubling the number of U.S. students who study abroad by the end of the decade for its fall edition of the IIENetworker magazine, "What Will It Take to Double Study Abroad?"

Proposed articles should identify and examine ways to break down barriers (perceived and real) hindering students from participating in an international experience, such as obstacles related to cost, curriculum, and culture; share successful strategies and best practices in increasing study abroad; or discuss ideas for improving study abroad experiences for students already taking part. Articles on expanding diversity in race and ethnicity, academic disciplines, and gender are strongly encouraged. We also encourage contributions from professionals outside the strictly higher education structure, including those in K-12, language learning, and the private and government sectors. 

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IIEPassport helps students find the right program and provide advisers with tools to help counsel students and promote study abroad. Its online searchable database, www.IIEPassport.org, has been a trusted resource for study abroad candidates and advisers for ten years, listing more than 10,000 study abroad opportunities in more than 180 countries. Here are three:
  1. Study abroad in Belize: Toucan Education Programs
  2. Study abroad in the United Arab Emirates: Masdar Institute
  3. Study abroad in Morocco: CCLT - The Cultural Center for Language and Training
Enter or update your program listing online
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