April 7, 2015
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Temple University - Globalization and Development Communication Program
Asia: The Next Higher Education Superpower?

IIE is pleased to announce the latest volume in the Global Education Research Reports Series, Asia: The Next Higher Education Superpower?, edited by Rajika Bhandari and Alessia Lefébure and published by IIE and the AIFS Foundation.

With the advent of a large middle class and new openness driven by economic imperatives, Asia appears to be shifting onto the world’s center stage. This book critically examines the local and global trends driving higher education policies in Asia and their impact on the local and regional knowledge economies. Featuring an impressive group of leading scholars, practitioners, and education policy experts these chapters look at how governments, universities, the private sector, and international organizations are responding to recent trends and meeting the diverse challenges and opportunities across the region.

Chapters include:

Is Asia the Next Higher Education Superpower? –
Kishore Mahbubani & Tan Eng Chye

Global University Rankings: Determining the Distance Between Asia and 'Superpower Status' in Higher Education –
Miguel Lim

Internationalization in Asian Higher Education in the Era of Globalization –
Futao Huang

Education Hubs in Asia: A Common Facade for Uncommon Futures –
Jack T. Lee

Book available for purchase | Read more in University World News

30% bulk discount available for orders of 10 copies or more. Contact jgrosh@iie.org.
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As part of our aim to expand academic collaboration between the United States and Cuba and to help U.S. higher education institutions build sustainable partnerships with institutions in Cuba, we are providing this briefing paper on travel limits to Cuba applicable to U.S. educational institutions. This paper was prepared by Nicholas Townsend, Counsel in Arnold & Porter LLP's National Security and Public Policy practices. 

Areas covered include:
  • Prohibition
  • Travel Authorizations 
  • Travel-Related Transactions
  • Tourism Ban 
  • Method of Payment
  • Recordkeeping 
  • Exports

This paper is provided in response to comments and feedback from IIE member institutions during an IIENetwork National Conference Call on U.S.-Cuba Higher Education Collaboration in February 2015. These resources are offered as part of IIE’s Cuba Higher Education Initiative following the recent broadening of diplomatic dialogue between the United States and Cuba. 

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This IIE briefing paper, prepared by Wilfred B. Brewer, President of Performance-Solutions-Group, Inc., and Mahboob Mahmood, Founder and CEO of Knowledge Platform, provides lessons from the 2014 WISE Leadership Conference in Doha, Qatar. The WISE Program for Education Leadership is part of the Qatar Foundation’s WISE initiative, which is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative thinking, debate, and purposeful action in the field of education. 

Each year, a group of 10–20 new university leaders are selected to take part in the three-day program in Doha. The participants are guided through a rigorous program delivered by expert trainers from around the world, covering some university-specific topics and other more general leadership and management themes. Core to the training philosophy is the understanding that new university leaders have a unique opportunity to effect change at their home institutions, communities, and countries.

This briefing paper provides a compelling analysis of data collected from the most recent WISE Program for Education Leadership class. Brewer and Mahmood conclude with essential recommendations for new university leaders in any country.

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