September 25, 2014
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The fall 2014 IIENetworker magazine, titled "What Will it Take to Double Study Abroad?" is now available as a free interactive flipbook.

According to the 2013 Open Doors Report, 295,000 American college students studied abroad for credit and in non-credit programs. This represents only 10 percent of students who graduated with associates or baccalaureate degrees. In today’s increasingly global workplace, the number is far too low. This special edition of IIENetworker highlights current best practices and explores bold new ideas to help us reach the Generation Study Abroad commitment—to double the number of Americans who study abroad. 

The magazine features a breadth of perspectives that reflect the many pieces of the puzzle. Articles focus on high-potential areas of growth in study abroad, including STEM programs, co-curricular programs, community college students, and gap years. Authors range from colleagues in university global offices to those in doctoral programs, not-for-profit associations, and governments. As the ultimate aim of Generation Study Abroad is to assure that every U.S. student has the opportunity to take part in an international experience, an entire section is devoted to views on how to expand diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, and academic disciplines.

This edition of IIENetworker is part of a broader strategy to provide and encourage ideas and resources to make it possible for more students to study abroad. In the first six months since IIE launched Generation Study Abroad, more than 350 colleges, universities, and education associations and 10 host-country governments have joined as commitment partners by setting their own targets and committing specific actions to reach them. This is a great start, but it will take even more partners and more bold new actions to meet the goal. We urge educators, employers, and all who are involved in higher education and hiring to join in setting ambitious goals. To become a commitment partner, visit The next deadline is October 15.

IIENetwork member designees will receive a print copy in the mail. Print copies are also available for purchase. Past issues of IIENetworker are available in our digital edition archives.


By Stacie N. Berdan

By Terra Dotta

By Christine A. Farrugia

By Rosalind Latiner Raby and Gary M. Rhodes

By James Paul Holloway and Amy Conger

By Sarah R. Phillips and Cheryl A. Matherly

By Heidi Manley

By Sam Hoben

By Ethan Knight

Special Feature: Expanding Diversity

By Donald L. Rubin, Richard C. Sutton, Isaiah O’Rear, Gary Rhodes, and Rosalind Latiner Raby

By Lily Lopez-McGee and Eduardo Contreras Jr.

By LaNitra Berger

By Karyn L. Sweeney

By Teneisha Ellis and Clair Bryan
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