April 15, 2014
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Submission Deadline for Article Abstracts: May 9, 2014

The Institute of International Education (IIE) invites you to propose a chapter for its upcoming publication, Asia: The Next Higher Education Superpower? 

The publication is part of a policy book series, Global Education Research Reports, which is published jointly by IIE and the American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS) Foundation. The series explores pressing and under-researched issues affecting global education policy today. Previous volumes have addressed higher education initiatives in India, China, and the Middle East and have explored new developments in global academic mobility and building knowledge economies. Our upcoming volume on higher education in Asia will be co-edited by Rajika Bhandari, Deputy Vice President, Research and Evaluation, IIE, and Alessia Lefébure, Director of the Alliance Program, Columbia University, and will include chapters by some of the foremost scholars and policy-makers in the field. 

The upcoming volume will critically examine the local and global trends driving higher education policy in Asia and its impact on the local and regional knowledge economies. Many experts view internationalization of higher education in Asia as a means to capitalize on rapid globalization and remain competitive in the global marketplace. In addition, each country faces its own set of challenges, whether it is Japan’s aging population, demand for technological development in China, or capacity shortcomings in developing and post-conflict countries in Southeast Asia. This book will look at the role of higher education in meeting these demands and how innovations in policy are changing the higher education landscape regionally and globally. 

Specifically, the book will address the following four areas: 
  • Demographic Trends and Their Impact on Higher Education
  • The Role of Higher Education in Economic Development
  • Improving Capacity in Developing and Post-Conflict Countries
  • Internationalization and Globalization
To be considered for a chapter in the book, we invite you to submit a 250-word abstract by May 9, 2014. Preference will be given to chapters authored or co-authored by experts based in Asia. We also encourage contributions from professionals outside the strictly higher education structure, including those from international organizations and private and government sectors. If your abstract is selected, the deadline to submit a full chapter of 4,000 to 6,000 words (including charts and tables) is June 12, 2014. Submissions must be original work (i.e., previously unpublished in any format). 

Please feel free to share this announcement. If you have any questions or would like to receive a sample chapter, please contact Jon Grosh at jgrosh@iie.org.
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For over 50 years, books and reports published by the Institute of International Education have been a standard reference resources for students and advisors alike. Annual publications such as Open Doors, and Funding for United States Study are key resources that offer comprehensive information on student mobility and study abroad programs, grants, and fellowships. IIE's research reports and policy papers serve as a rapid response to the changing landscape of international education.

We encourage you to learn more about our publications online at www.iie.org/publications. On this site, you can download briefing papers and presentations on myriad topics related to international education and browse through an archive of IIE's reports.

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IIENetworker Spring 2014, "The Impact of Globalization on Higher Education"

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Jon Grosh, IIE Publications Manager, explores this question in his latest entry about the newly released spring 2014 IIENetworker magazine and recent roundtable discussion on the same topic: "The Impact of Globalization on International Education." Grosh lists four potential drawbacks of globalization highlighted in the discussion and proposes that "the right approaches can mitigate these dangers and that good strategies will allow campuses to benefit from, and even drive, forces of globalization."

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