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The Fall 2016 IIENetworker magazine, titled "Virtual Exchange: Connected Learning in the Digital Age," is now available as a free interactive flipbook. The idea of virtual exchange has become a reality for countless institutions around the world, and continues to gain momentum as we see how it can provide deep and interactive learning experiences. These exchanges are technology-enabled programs allowing for the sustained sharing of ideas through a people-to-people education approach. This issue of IIENetworker focuses on delving deeper into the ever-evolving landscape of virtual exchange in order to explore, share and continue the dialogue around this emerging educational model.

The authors in this issue of IIENetworker provide many thought-provoking perspectives on the use of virtual exchange as it relates to the refugee crisis, language learning, curriculum internationalization, students with disabilities, alumni engagement, virtual reality, and study abroad pre-departure programs. Read about various models from around the world, including what IIE is doing in this dynamic realm. 
IIENetwork member designees received a print copy in the mail. Print copies are also available for purchase at www.iiebooks.org/iienmag.html. Past issues of IIENetworker are available in our digital edition archives: www.naylornetwork.com/iie-nxt/index.asp.

UNESCO has released its annual Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report 2016, a report monitoring progress towards the education targets in the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework that was adopted by the UN last year. The report covers themes ranging from inequality, gender, and teaching and learning to conflict, literacy, and early childhood care and education. IIE’s research team was commissioned by UNESCO to prepare a background paper for the 2016 report, which also resulted in the chapter on Scholarships within the report. This is the first year that the SDGs have included higher education, and IIE’s research team focused on measuring the extent to which students from the developing world receive government scholarships to study abroad. IIE was invited to contribute to this chapter because of expertise in designing and implementing scholarship programs and expertise in monitoring and analyzing global mobility data.

The International Higher Education Consulting Blog recently featured a comprehensive review of IIE’s publication, A Student Guide to Study Abroad. Authored by IIE’s President and CEO Allan Goodman, international careers expert Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, and AIFS Founder and Chairman Cyril Taylor, this book has provided students and advisors with practical advice and information on the study abroad process from application to transitioning to life back home.

The higher education news website Universitas has featured a review of IIE’s publication Asia: The Next Higher Education Superpower, edited by IIE’s Deputy Vice President for Research and Evaluation Rajika Bhandari and Director of the Alliance of at Columbia University and Adjunct Professor Alessia Lefébure. This review appears in Italian and provides an overview of the book’s eleven chapters, which center on the overall goal of increasing mobility and growing interconnectivity and dialogue that can lead to new strategic alliances.



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