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The Institute of International Education is pleased to announce that the new IIENetwork Handbook for International Educators has just been published. The 200-page Handbook includes comprehensive listings and resources for networking and internationalizing your campus.

The 2016 IIENetwork Handbook is a practical tool for higher education institutions that includes resources on:
     •   IIE Research and Publications
     •   Support for Study Abroad
     •   Resources for Internationalizing the Campus
     •   Scholarship Programs Overview
     •   Developing Strategic International Partnerships
The Handbook also includes comprehensive listings and contact information for:
     •   More than 7,000 professionals at over 1,300 higher education institutions who are IIE members
     •   EducationUSA Regional Educational Advising Coordinators
     •   Fulbright Commissions worldwide
     •   IIE domestic and overseas offices

IIE has released a new report, The World is the New Classroom: Non-Credit Education Abroad, to capture the range of Non-Credit Education Abroad (NCEA) activities that U.S. students are pursuing, and to provide tools for the higher education field to better understand how to define and track the non-credit activities their students are undertaking. NCEA activities are largely under-reported, and this study shows that students are pursuing a range of NCEA activities that go beyond non-credit work, internships and volunteer abroad (WIVA) including conducting research or field work, presenting at academic conferences, competing in athletic events, and engaging in the performing arts. It is crucial for higher education institutions to actively seek information on what their students are already pursuing overseas so that they can be prepared to provide international experiences that meet the growing demand.



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