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Revamped and expanded 147-page report includes detailed analysis of data not available online 
The print edition of Open Doors 2015: Report on International Educational Exchange, published by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in partnership with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is now available for purchase. In this enhanced and expanded report you will find a more analytical and contextualized examination of what the latest Open Doors® data tell us about academic mobility vis-à-vis the United States, whether it is student flows into and out of the United States or the inbound mobility of international scholars.

Exciting new material:
       •    Engaging maps and graphics
       •    Regional sections, which draw upon Project Atlas® to shed light on how mobility trends are unfolding in
             other parts of the world, not only between the United States and a particular region, but also between that
             region and other parts of the world.
       •    Thought-provoking thematic spotlights that range from the growing interest of U.S. students in degree
             programs abroad, to study abroad from Minority Serving Institutions and the critical issue of the economic
             impact of international education. 
Also available for purchase: a special comprehensive Open Doors research package with searchable PDF copies of the Open Doors reports from 1948-2008 on CD-ROM, plus hard copies of the print editions of the most recent Open Doors books (2009-2015), for $195.



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