February 3, 2015 IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad
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On October 1-2, 2015, the inaugural IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad will bring commitment partners together in Washington, D.C. to highlight their progress and create positive new solutions. Join us for the IIE Summit! The deadline to submit a proposal is February 15, 2015.

The Summit is an exciting opportunity to engage and showcase commitment partners from all sectors and will feature high-level plenary debates, action-oriented sessions, think tanks and networking opportunities, as well as an engaging expo hall, to mobilize commitments and inspire new actions.

The Summit will bring together hundreds of participants and speakers, including senior level leaders from diverse sectors. Summit participants will include U.S. and non-U.S. higher education institutions, the K-12 community, foreign language community, study abroad organizations, education associations, private sector corporations and foundations, student ambassadors, the U.S. Department of State and other U.S. government agencies; and foreign government partners, including Ministries of Higher Education and Human Resource Development. Mark your calendars: Early bird registration will open March 1 and closes May 1.

Call for Proposals

Deadline: February 15, 2015

IIE invites proposals that highlight best practices, ideas, and innovations that address these themes and advance the collective Generation Study Abroad goal of significantly expanding and scaling education abroad. We also encourage proposals that reflect the spirit of collaboration across sectors.

The four major themes of the IIE Summit are:
  • How does study abroad build a globally minded workforce?
  • How can study abroad be redefined and rebranded for today's global economy?
  • What is the impact of study abroad?
  • What innovative solutions are most effective in increasing study abroad participation?
Three types of proposals will be accepted:
  • Individual: Single participant submissions are welcome. IIE will create sessions that bring presenters together based on theme and content.
  • Full Panel: Full panels should consist of no more than three individuals. Preference will be given to proposals incorporating diverse stakeholders and perspective, and panels that include interaction among presenters.
  • Think Tank: You may also submit a proposal to conduct an extremely interactive brainstorming session, where participants will engage in big-picture thinking to identify creative solutions to specific challenges.
We encourage proposals that focus on specific Generation Study Abroad commitments and that contribute innovative new ideas that will help advance the goal of doubling study abroad. We also encourage proposals that include participants from different sectors and speak to varied audiences, including employers, governments and K-12 educators, as well as higher education practitioners and policy-makers. The deadline to submit proposals is February 15, 2015.

Programming Partners

Current Programming Partners for the IIE Summit include:

Media Partners

Thank you to the New York Times in Education’s support as a Media Partner.

IIE invites proposals from media organizations to participate as a Media Partner. Media Partners further extend our call to action by increasing awareness about study abroad among their broader audiences. Please contact Sharon Witherell at SWitherell@iie.org to learn more.

Summit Sponsorship

Varied strategic sponsorship options are available, but space is limited. To learn more, please visit the Sponsorship page on our website or contact Jeff Bunkin at jbunkin@naylor.com.

Thank you to our Sponsors:


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Exhibiting opportunities are filling up! We have a limited number of exhibitor spots for Generation Study Abroad Partners and non-Generation Study Abroad Partners remaining. Please contact Jeff Bunkin at jbunkin@naylor.com to learn more about exhibiting at the Summit.

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