August 15, 2016
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Commitments that Work. 

In the state of current affairs, how do we double the number of students that study abroad? We are excited to announce one of four themes for the 2016 IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad focuses on this overarching goal. ‘Commitments that Work’ will feature a network of experts driving innovation in study abroad. Hear from country partners, leaders in the higher education and business sectors, the K-12 community, and organizations focused on accessibility and leveraging technology to increase student mobility abroad. 
To date, IIE Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partners have expanded access to study abroad, increased funding and reduced financial barriers, and scaled programs upward and outward. With over 700 Commitment Partners pledging to increase student mobility, the IIE Summit is the place to learn about innovative solutions (and pitfalls to watch out for) that can be implemented at your organization or institution.  
The "Triple Helix" Model for Cooperation: How Governments, Institutions and Industries Can Work Together to Give Students Real World Entrepreneurial Experiences 
Learn from a successful partnership between a Country Commitment Partner, a Public Sector Agency, and higher education institutions from two continents. Hear more about the collaboration, which is aimed at engaging local industry by building a program where students work together to solve global industrial challenges. 

Breaking Barriers through Strategic Use of Funds
This Think Tank will shed light on how we, as a community, can maximize our resources to contribute to the goal of increasing study abroad participation. Presenters will share recent successes, address financial barriers, and include a brainstorming space to explore innovative ways to ensure we are maximizing the impact that money has on study abroad participation and faculty engagement. 

Can an Entire School District Redesign K-12 Education to Break Down Socio-Economic Barriers to Study Abroad?
Find out how a private sector student travel provider, a not-for-profit focused on school reform, and the Oakland Unified School District have joined together on a shared vision to make study abroad accessible to high school students and include international experience in all students’ education.

Faculty and SIO Collaboration to Enhance Study Abroad Impact
IIE is honored to work with AIEA, the Association of International Education Administrators, which will organize a pre-Summit workshop on Sunday, October 23:  
Workshop III: Faculty and SIO Collaboration to Enhance Study Abroad Impact
Faculty play a critical role in driving campus internationalization and, for many students, the decision to pursue study abroad begins in the classroom or lab. Through their own research or study abroad courses, faculty speak directly to the importance of their own international experience as well as the relevance of a global mindset to their field.  With the growth of faculty-led programming and collaborative research around the globe, faculty have significant potential to make connections across campus and across international partnerships which ideally place them to become ambassadors for international education.  Senior International Officers (SIOs) of universities have the responsibility and the principal task of driving and directing internationalization efforts to benefit students and the overall campus community.  How can SIOs and faculty work together as productive partners in furthering study abroad efforts on campus?  
Join a discussion on strategies, lessons learned, and resources that foster SIO and faculty cooperation as key actors in advancing study abroad.  This workshop features highly interactive discussions on diverse aspects and topics including integrating study abroad into the curriculum; facilitating intercultural learning and assessment; and fostering effective two-way communication between faculty and administration.


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