May 14, 2016
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Is Generation Study Abroad Making a Difference? 
The 2016 IIE Summit Plenary Debates Will Challenge Partners to Think and Act Boldly
The IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad will bring together innovators and leaders across diverse sectors to assess and challenge the network to think and act creatively to achieve our goal of doubling study abroad by the end of 2020.  

2016 IIE Summit Plenaries
     •  Is Generation Study Abroad Making a Difference?  Some of the big ideas about what it would take to double –
        from rebranding study abroad to engaging the K-20 community and the private sector - laid a foundation for the
        path ahead.  Two years in, are we making a difference? 

     •  What is the Future of Work? With globalization and technology changing the way the world works and how we 
        work -- how can we prepare the 21st-century workforce for America and the globe? 

     •  How to Bring About Change? Generation Study Abroad aims to bring about change in how we "do" study abroad
        better to achieve a dramatic increase in participation, access and diversity. What strategies or tactics can we learn
        from visionaries who have brought about change in other social sectors?   

Country Partners to Host IIE Summit Receptions

IIE is honored to have Generation Study Abroad Country Partners host IIE Summit Receptions. Lead study abroad destination countries will welcome participants to an evening of culture, conversation and collaboration.

IIE Summit Embassy Receptions include:
     •  The Embassy of Ireland
     •  The Embassy of Mexico
     •  The Embassy of New Zealand

Early bird registration ends Monday, May 16. Regular registration ends September 1.

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