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October 18, 2013 Special IIE.Interactive
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Thank you from IIE President Allan Goodman; Introducing our new book, A Student Guide to Study Abroad

Dear colleagues,

Today’s New York Times features a discussion on whether every student should study abroad. Please take a moment to visit Room for Debate and join the discussion. The more people who visit the page, comment, and follow the debate on Twitter, the more visibility this topic will get on NYTimes.com. This is a terrific opportunity to make your voice heard and raise awareness of the importance of study abroad.

I believe that every student who wants to succeed in the global economy should study abroad. As president of IIE and in my previous life as a dean and professor, I have seen firsthand the value of making international a part of one's education and the impact that an international experience has on those who have been fortunate enough to have one.

As International Education Week approaches, I want to take a moment to thank you for your commitment to making it possible for your students to study abroad.

I also wanted to share with you our new book, A Student Guide to Study Abroad, published by the Institute of International Education in partnership with AIFS. It is our goal to get this valuable resource into the hands of 100,000 students, in print or as an eBook, to enable more of your students to have this important opportunity.

My co-authors for this book are international careers expert and author Stacie Berdan and AIFS founder and chairman Sir Cyril Taylor. Together, we and our organizations have advised and supported hundreds of thousands of students over the years to gain an international experience.

We wrote this book to provide a useful, hands-on tool for you and your students, as well as their parents. We hope to make it clear to readers that the wide range of programs currently available makes study abroad more flexible, affordable and accessible than ever before, and that there is a study abroad option for everyone.

We realize that not every student knows where to start and how to make it happen, and that study abroad offices have a huge job to do in advising students and coordinating all of their programs and credits. So we teamed up to help you get information into the hands of students who are still exploring whether and how to study abroad, and to bring current, relevant advice to students at every stage of the process.

Our goal is to give every student access to the best information available on study abroad: things to know before you go, how to make the most of your time abroad, why you should consider internships and career-related experiences abroad, how to transition back to life in the States, and, as you embark on your career, how to use study abroad to showcase your global growth and learning.

We surveyed approximately 350 students and asked dozens of educators and business leaders to share their insights on topics such as deciding when is the best time to go, selecting a program, staying safe and healthy, and how pay for your study abroad, and save money while you are there. In addition to our own best advice, we have included more than 200 real-life stories from a diverse collection of students, advisers and professionals, as well as 100 easy-to-follow tips to help guide students through the process.

In the spirit of the Top 10 Tips approach we use in the book, below are our suggestions for 10 ways you can use this book.

Finally, I want to encourage you to look for the new Open Doors data on study abroad, which will be released on November 11.

With thanks and best wishes for a successful new school year,

Allan Goodman
President and CEO, Institute of International Education


Top 10 Tips for Using A Student Guide to Study Abroad
  1. Give copies of the book out to students who visit your office.
  2. Buy 100 copies or more and resell them using the 50% discount to cover your cost.
  3. Urge your campus leadership to give a copy to every incoming student.
  4. Recommend the book for specific programs – languages, international business, international relations, or any department that wants to prepare its students for global careers.
  5. Seek a donor or campus grant to buy and distribute multiple copies.
  6. Have reference copies on hand in your office.
  7. Use the book as a raffle or incentive for visiting your study abroad fair or information session.
  8. Host a workshop or book signing event with co-author and international careers expert Stacie Berdan.
  9. Have copies of the book flyer in your office and in study abroad information packets.
  10. Give book information to colleagues on campus who can help direct students to your study abroad office (financial aid office, dean of students, student activities and career offices.)

Order the book on IIEBooks or Amazon. eBook available on Amazon.
Download A Student Guide to Study Abroad flyer for students.
Download A Student Guide to Study Abroad order form for campus faculty and staff.
Like the book on Facebook and join in the discussion!

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