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March 15, 2012 Special IIE.Interactive
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Application Deadline: April 30, 2012 

Knowledgeable about doctoral study in the EU? Apply to be a PromoDoc Ambassador!

PromoDoc, a European Union-supported initiative, is seeking 25 Ambassadors to increase awareness of doctoral-level study in Europe. Over a 13-month period, PromoDoc Ambassadors will serve as resources to prospective U.S. and Canadian students, advising students on life in Europe and on selecting, applying for, and enrolling in doctoral programs.

Specifically, PromoDoc seeks applicants who possess:

  • A doctoral degree
  • Deep knowledge of doctoral education in Europe
  • Knowledge of the modern European Union
  • Willingness to serve as a resource to prospective U.S. and Canadian students interested in pursuing doctoral-level study in Europe
  • Enthusiasm and motivation
  • Close links to higher education in the U.S. or Canada, fostering access to U.S. and Canadian students.
  • Willingness to research and help advise students on doctoral program opportunities in the EU.

Applicants can be any nationality, and must be based in the U.S. or Canada from September 2012-October 2013 and available to attend a training session in New York City on September 27th and 28th, 2012 (all lodging and travel expenses will be reimbursed). Ambassadors receive a small honorarium for the services provided.

The application deadline is April 30.

To download the application and for more information about the PromoDoc Ambassadors Network, visit: www.promodoc.eu/ambassadors-network.

With questions, please email ambassadors@promodoc.eu.

PromoDoc is supported by the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union and implemented by Campus France, DAAD, Nuffic, British Council, Eurodoc, and the Institute of International Education. For more information about PromoDoc, please visit www.promodoc.eu.

 With the support of the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union

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