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The 2016 IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad brought together over 600 participants for opportunities to explore, exchange, and experiment – all with the goal of diversifying and doubling participation in study abroad by 2020.

IIE Summit in the News

At this year’s Summit, discussions surrounding the topic of diversifying study abroad participation were a cornerstone of the conference. Panelists and speakers spoke to the issues of funding, scholarships, and targeted outreach among other topics as key pieces needed to reach this goal. IIE's President Allan Goodman expressed the importance of planting the seed for study abroad earlier than students' junior year. 

A Passport in the Sock Drawer by Inside Higher Ed
CIEE President and CEO Jim Pellow shared with Summit attendees the organization's ambitious "Passport Caravan" initiative, which aims to fund 10,000 passports for students in an aim to diversify study abroad. This initiative aims to support IIE's Generation Study Abroad goals by providing access to programs for students who may previously be unable to fund studies overseas.
Samantha Martin, CEO of Via TRM, made a presentation at the Summit on an innovative new program, "Freshman Cohort", which enables college freshmen to set up online profiles that match them with programs of interest around the world. Freshman Cohort is an endeavor that, when scaled, can help to reach Generation Study Abroad's goal of doubling participation by 2020. 

An historic delegation from Cuba, led by vice president of the Cuban Ministry of Education Aurora Fernández, traveled to the United States to attend the 2016 IIE Summit. The delegates met with university and study abroad leaders and spoke on a Latin America panel during the Summit. This visit was the first of its kind and was widely publicized in the Cuban media. 
Recognizing Commitment Partners Who Have Met their Goals

Congratulations to the 12 colleges and universities who have met their goal of increasing study abroad on their campuses!
For even more highlights, interviews, and Generation Study Abroad Voices Video Challenge winners, check out IIE Global’s YouTube channel



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