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August 20, 2014 In This Issue
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Monday, September 15, 2014 | Cipriani Wall Street, New York City

You are invited to attend IIE’s annual gala benefit dinner on September 15, 2014 in New York City. This year’s Gala will include an inaugural IIE Generation Study Abroad Award to recognize individuals from the public and private sectors who encourage purposeful, innovative action to get more Americans to undertake an international experience by supporting the 5-year Generation Study Abroad campaign. The inaugural Generation Study Abroad Award will be presented to the Shawn Carter Foundation to recognize its growing scholarship program in partnership with IIE and the U.S. Department of State’s Gilman Program to provide study abroad opportunities to underserved students as a critical part of expanding these student's horizons as they prepare for successful careers.

The Opening Minds Corporate Leadership Award will be presented to Chrysler Group and its Chairman & CEO Sergio Marchionne, who is an example of an exceptional, internationally educated global leader. IIE will honor Mr. Marchionne and Chrysler Group LLC for the company’s global leadership, international reach and return to prominence in the world economy.

IIE’s annual Gala is a very special celebration attended by more than 500 prominent business, civic, and philanthropic leaders, and provides a wonderful venue to honor and celebrate individuals and organizations that have shown exemplary leadership in international education. 

IIENetwork members and Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partners are eligible for a reduced rate. Please complete the reply form to register or contact Alexandra Lowe at alowe@iie.org or 212-984-5310. 

For more information, please visit www.iie.org/gala.

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For over 50 years, books and reports published by the Institute of International Education have been standard reference resources for students and advisors alike. Annual publications such as Open Doors, Funding for United States Study, and the IIEPassport Study Abroad Directory are key resources that offer comprehensive information on student mobility and study abroad programs, grants, and fellowships. IIE's research reports and policy papers serve as a rapid response to the changing landscape of international education. 

We encourage you to learn more about our publications online at www.iie.org/publications. On this site, you can download briefing papers on myriad topics related to international education and browse through an archive of IIE reports. 

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IIE Vice President Edith Cecil shares about IIE’s Higher Education Readiness (HER) program with updates on the HER girls’ tutoring and training workshops. Cecil also shares photos taken during a recent visit by Zuriel Oduwole, a remarkable 12-year-old who started Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up to inspire girls in Africa to stay in school and get the best education they can.

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Former Managing Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, Robert Garris, has been appointed Global Director of Admissions at Schwarzman Scholars. Garris will oversee recruitment and admissions for the elite scholarship program, which was announced last year and is modeled on the Rhodes Scholarship. Schwarzman Scholars will welcome its first class of scholars in 2016 and launch its inaugural admissions season in 2015.

"Robert was selected after an extensive global search, and represents the very best in thought leadership and execution in the area of student admissions," remarked the program’s founder, Stephen A. Schwarzman. Garris will work closely with the Institute of International Education, which recently partnered with the Schwarzman Scholars to help administer its admissions operations. 

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An article in World Education Services reports on student mobility in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. The countries, all sharing recent histories of civil war, have seen an exodus of tertiary-level students, even after the resolutions to their internal conflicts. WES details the interplay between student mobility and political, economic, and higher education development for each country.

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China’s anti-graft watchdog, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, recently published a report on an inspection of Shanghai’s Fudan University. Universities are recently coming under scrutiny as China ramps up its anti-corruption campaign. According to an article in the Chronicle on Higher Education, the report found misuse of research funds and other systemic weaknesses as well as safety problems.

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Proposal Deadline: October 16, 2014 | Application and Program Details

The Language Flagship is seeking proposals from U.S. Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs), with demonstrated backgrounds in the areas of research, development, and successful execution of technology-based adaptive and blended learning systems, to conceive, design, adapt or improve, deliver and test effective means to blend technology into NSEP-funded Language Flagship Programs. Approaches for comprehensive design and development of technology integration must build on The Language Flagship’s established curricular best practices through coordination and collaboration with existing Flagship Programs and experts in the field of learning technologies. 

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is the administrative agent for The Language Flagship Grants. 

Technical Assistance Webinar: September 9, 2014, 2:00–4:00 PM ET
To register for the webinar or for questions regarding the solicitation, please email flagship@iie.org.
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Student Submission Deadline: October 7, 2014, 11:59 PM CDT | Application and Program Details

The U.S. Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program is pleased to announce that the application is now open for students participating in study abroad programs and internships during the spring 2015 term. The Gilman Program aims to diversify the kinds of students who study and intern abroad and the countries and regions where they go. All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply.  

Visit www.iie.org/gilman to access resources to assist advisors and students through the application process:
  • Webinars—live online sessions available for students and administrators to attend individually or can be streamed for a group setting, such as a campus application information session or workshop
  • Instructional videos
  • Advisor and applicant newsletters
The Gilman International Scholarship Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE).  Since the program’s inception in 2001, the Gilman Program has awarded nearly 17,000 U.S. undergraduates of high financial need to study and intern abroad in over 140 countries from more than 1,100 institutions.

Applicants must be:
  • A United States citizen
  • Enrolled as an undergraduate student at an accredited two- or four-year U.S. institution 
  • Receiving a Federal Pell Grant at the time of application or during the term abroad 
  • Participating in a study abroad program or internship that is no less than four weeks (28 days) in one country and no more than an academic year
  • Applying to or accepted into a study abroad program or internship eligible for academic credit by the student's home institution
  • Studying or interning in any country not currently under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or Cuba
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The applications for the 2015-2016 David L. Boren Scholarships and Fellowships are now available at www.borenawards.org. Boren Awards provide unique funding opportunities for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students to study in Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East, where they can add important international and language components to their educations.

Boren Scholars and Fellows represent a variety of academic backgrounds, but all are interested in studying less commonly taught languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Swahili. As part of the African Languages Initiative, Boren Award applicants have the opportunity to further their study of Akan/Twi, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Wolof, or Zulu. For a complete list of languages, visit our website.   

Undergraduate students can receive up to $20,000 for an academic year’s study abroad and graduate students up to $30,000 for language study and international research. In exchange for funding, recipients commit to working in the federal government for a minimum of one year.

Boren Fellowship Deadline: January 27, 2015
Boren Scholarship Deadline: February 4, 2015*
*Many institutions have an earlier on-campus deadline. Visit our website for information about your campus deadline and Boren campus representative.

For more information about the Boren Awards, to register for one of our upcoming webinars, and to access the on-line application, please visit www.borenawards.org. You can also contact the Boren Awards staff at boren@iie.org or 1-800-618-NSEP with questions. 

The Boren Awards are initiatives of the National Security Education Program (NSEP) and are administered by the Institute of International Education.
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November 22, 2014 | New Delhi, India
Registration deadline: September 30, 2014

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), in collaboration with the Institute of International Education (IIE), will conduct a workshop on "Building Sustainable U.S. - India Partnerships" on Saturday, November 22nd in New Delhi, India. The CII-IIE Workshop is a capacity building workshop for higher education institutions in the U.S. and India that will focus on identifying strategies for effectively managing and sustaining existing partnerships. The workshop will engage individuals through a series of panel and roundtable discussions led by higher education experts from the U.S. and India, serve as a platform for individual face-to-face meetings, and provide resources on the Indian higher education system. Other workshop highlights include:
  • Identifying strategies for cost effective partnerships
  • Identifying areas of possible collaboration and developing long term relationships
  • Implementing strategic partnerships
  • Showcasing best practices of successful university partnerships 
For questions or to register, please contact Shruti Jain: SJain@iie.org.
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Study Abroad

The outcomes from IIE’s Generation Study Abroad Think Tank, have been documented in the IIE green paper, "What Will it Take to Double Study Abroad?" This paper lays the foundation for an ongoing discussion around how to increase the number of students studying abroad in the short term and to shift the paradigm over the long term. We encourage you to share your insights and best practices with the community by commenting on the 11 Big Ideas outlined in the paper.

Idea 10: make "global" locally relevant to parents, communities and businesses
"All politics are local." A grassroots approach is necessary to convincing parents, communities and businesses that study abroad matters on a personal level, to the community and will have an impact on business.

Share your insights and best practices on this topic: Submit a comment on our blog.
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Amelia Freidman and Fiora MacPherson write in Huffington Post about the need to rebrand study abroad as serious preparation for living and working in today’s global economy. They share about the role IIE’s Generation Study Abroad has played in changing the discourse on study abroad, and invite readers to join the conversation on IIE’s online discussion board.

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University World News reports a record 270,000 EU grantees in 2012-13. The European Union hopes to double the percentage of student mobility by then end of the decade and has already launched Erasumus+, which increases the grants budget by 40 percent. According to the article, "The Erasmus+ programme will provide grants for four million people, including two million higher education students and 300,000 staff over the seven years to 2020."

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Scholar Rescue Fund

Protecting Threatened Scholars During Repression, Crisis and Conflict
October 24, 2014 | Register Online
Location: IIE, 809 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY

On October 24, 2014 at IIE’s New York headquarters, IIE-SRF will hold an inaugural summit, "Protecting Threatened Scholars: Collective Action during Repression, Crisis, and Conflict." The Summit will gather over 100 education and human rights leaders, including IIE-SRF host universities and scholars, to address the challenges and opportunities of the academic, human rights and philanthropic communities as we collectively respond to scholars suffering from censorship, harassment, violence, and other grave abuses. The Honorable Michael H. Posner, former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor at the State Department and co-founder of the Center for Business and Human Rights at NYU's Stern School of Business, will offer a keynote address at the Summit.

For more information, contact SRFSummit@iie.org or 212-205-6486. 

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