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July 18, 2012 In This Issue
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Registration Deadline: July 31, 2012

IIE U.S. Higher Education Fairs in Indonesia provide a unique opportunity for U.S. colleges and universities to expand and widen their presence in Indonesia; and for students to learn about the wide variety of opportunities available to them. Colleges and universities interact face to face with thousands of qualified Indonesian students, expand academic exchanges by partnering with local institutions, and network with local Indonesian governmental officials and U.S. Consulate staff. The higher education fair in Indonesia helps build your institution’s name and profile in Jakarta and Surabaya in a well-planned sequence, timed to minimize your travel and maximize your impact. 

Indonesia Fair Schedule

October 3: Jakarta, Indonesia
October 6: Surabaya, Indonesia

Discount for IIE Member Institutions
IIE members receive a 10 percent discount at registration. The registration code for IIE members is IIEFALL2012. 

To register or to learn more about IIE Fairs, please visit: www.iie.org/fairs.
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An article in the Washington Post commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the Fulbright Exchange Program in Vietnam. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Hanoi in which she noted that the Fulbright program "helps Americans to visit other countries to learn and form lasting bonds, and we want people from other countries to do the same in the United States." Secretary Clinton also mentioned that "there are more than 15,000 Vietnamese students in the United States, and I believe this generation of students and scholars is well positioned to make great contributions to Vietnam’s future."

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An article in The Guardian examines the steps that the Malaysian government has taken to turn the country into a knowledge-based economy. In essence, "the Malaysian government sought to partner with foreign higher educational institutions to offer more educational opportunities for Malaysians on their own soil. The ultimate aim was to make Malaysia a regional hub of higher education in south-east Asia." As a result of these steps, Malaysia experienced a 36.8 percent growth of foreign students enrolled in the country from 1997-2003.

To read the full article, please visit: www.guardian.co.uk/higher-education-network/blog/2012/jul/02/higher-education-in-malaysia?newsfeed=true. To watch a video in which the Malaysian government speaks about their national priorities for international education at the 2012 Summit on the Occasion of the G8, please visit: www.iie.org/Who-We-Are/News-and-Events/Events/2012/G8-Conference-2012/Multimedia/Video-Presentations.

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An article in BBC News argues that Qatar is quickly "becoming one of the most significant players in the field of education innovation, supporting a raft of projects from grassroots basic literacy through to high-end university research."

To read the full article, please visit: www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18151511.
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An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the programs that the Ecuadorian government has enacted that will reverse brain drain and help retain specialized professionals in the country. These programs will fund undergraduate and graduate education in exchange for these students and professionals giving two years of in-country work for every one year of funded study. 

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An article in University World News notes that according to an report from OECD, four out of ten graduates will come from China and India by 2020. In addition, "the report says that if current trends continue, the number of 25- to 34-year-olds from Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia and South Africa with a higher education degree will be almost 40% higher than the number from all OECD countries in 2020."

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Palm Springs, California
October 18-20, 2012
Proposal Submission Deadline: August 15, 2012

California State University, San Bernadino, will host a conference entitled "Opening New Frontiers: US-India Cooperation in Higher Education" on October 18-20, 2012, in Palm Springs, California. The deadline to submit a proposal is August 15th.

The primary goal of this conference is to provide a forum where U.S. and Indian institutions can share best practices in establishing successful partnerships. Participation by representatives of the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Institute of International Education will provide a unique opportunity to place this type of cooperation in the larger context of the U.S.-India relationship.

For more information, please visit: http://cel.csusb.edu/us-india/index.html.
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Promoting Higher Education Internationalization through International Research Collaborations, Partnerships and Innovative Teaching 
August 29–September 1, 2012 
Cape Town, South Africa 

The proposed topics for the 16th Annual IEASA (International Education Association of South Africa) Conference include: examples of successful research collaborations and partnerships; internationalization at home; policy environments for internationalization; the role of donors, governments, and government agencies in promoting internationalization; internationalization and quality assurance; the role of graduate business schools in the internationalization of higher education; the impact and value of international students in higher education; and research into international education. 

For more information, please visit www.ieasa2012.cmc-uct.co.za/ or contact deidre.raubenheimer@uct.ac.za.
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November 14-17, 2012 
Shanghai, China 
Early-Bird Registration Deadline: August 15 

The 2012 CIEE Annual Conference will take place on November 14-17, 2012, in Shanghai, China. This year’s theme is "Global Perspectives: Developing Strategic Initiatives, Educating for a World Economy." The early-bird registration deadline is August 15. 

The conference will explore the impact of a rapidly changing global economy on the field of study abroad and how educators and professionals can give students the tools necessary to flourish in it. Participants will discuss: 
  • How can we prepare students poised to enter an economy undergoing historic change? 
  • What kinds of opportunities are there in international studies for professional education? 
  • Can study abroad meet growing student demands for practical experience? 
  • Can any student afford not to pursue international education in a globally and economically interdependent world? 
For more information and to register, please visit: www.ciee.org/conference.
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October 12-21, 2012
Application Deadline: September 12, 2012

The Cuba Orientation Program for study abroad administrators and faculty will take place on October 12-21, 2012. This program will introduce participants to potential partners at universities in the eastern part of the country as well as in Havana. 

The itinerary will include working meetings with:
  • University of the East (Santiago de Cuba)
  • University of Holguin
  • University of Camaguey
  • University of Sancti Spiritus 
  • University of Havana 
  • Higher Institute of Art (ISA) 
  • Fundacion Nunez Jimenez for Nature and Humanity
Participants must be full- or part-time faculty or staff of tertiary institutions with a letter from the responsible official of the school that they are traveling under a general license in order to develop a program for students receiving undergraduate or graduate credit. Third-party providers are welcome if they also represent a qualified institution.

The deadline for registration and nonrefundable full payment is September 12, 2012, one month prior to departure. This orientation trip will be led by John McAuliff of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development in collaboration with Michelle Korczynski of Holbrook Travel. For registration materials, the draft itinerary, and costs, please email Michelle at Michelle@Holbrooktravel.com.
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Deadline: August 31, 2012 
The Institute of International Education is currently preparing the 2013 print edition of its annual directory Funding for United States Study: A Guide for International Students and Professionals, the print companion to IIE's online search engine www.fundingusstudy.org

With more than 500 hundred grant and scholarship listings, Funding for United States Study is the most comprehensive directory on finding funding for study in the United States. It features detailed descriptions of grants, fellowships, and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study, and doctoral and postdoctoral research in the United States. All listings are free of charge and provide an excellent opportunity to publicize your institution's programs. 

How to Update/Add Listings
For institutions whose listings appeared in the previous year's directory, we ask that you verify and update your listings and contact information or add new listings by visiting: www.fundingusstudy.org/OVS/login0.asp.

Institutions whose listings did not appear in previous years' directories can add their scholarships or grants that are available for international students by visiting: www.fundingusstudy.org/OVS/EditInstitution.asp?AC=New.

With questions, please contact lepplin@iie.org.
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Application Deadline: August 15, 2012

Expressions of interest are now being requested for the book, Sustainability Practices in Higher Education Institutions: Mapping Trends and Good Practice at Universities around the World, which unites the theory and practice of sustainable development at higher education institutions. The volume will be edited by Walter Leal Filho, Ulisses Azeiteiro, Sandra Caeiro, and Charbel Jabbour. The aim of this book is to address the current sustainability practices and guidelines applied in higher education institutions. 

The first chapters will introduce current sustainability assessment methodologies and the role of universities in promoting sustainability. Subsequent chapters will present several international examples of sustainability assessment tools specifically developed for higher education institutions. Other integrated tools not specifically developed for universities will also be discussed, like the ecological footprint, corporate social responsibility, sustainability reporting, and Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. A final chapter will discuss the current status of environmental and sustainability practices in higher education institutions and outline future prospects

Expressions of interest should relate to primary research initiatives and projects, or revision of the state of the art, which can be formulated as book chapters in a relatively short time. They should entail a 200 words abstract with all contact data from the authors. Please send them by August 15, 2012 to: scaeiro@uab.pt and ulisses@uab.pt.
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Application Deadline: December 1, 2012

The China Medical Board Next Generation Fellowships support Chinese national residents in mainland China for one to two years of study abroad in a master’s degree program in fields related to health policy and systems sciences (a wide range of multidisciplinary fields including public health, epidemiology, health metrics, health policy, health economics, health administration, and global health). The application deadline is December 1, 2012. 

For further information, please visit: www.iiebeijing.org/cmb/ng/ng.html.
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IIE welcomes new member institutions to the IIENetwork, connecting over 7,000 individuals at more than 1,100 member institutions with a commitment to internationalization. For more information about IIE's membership program, please visit: www.iie.org/IIENetwork

All new IIE members will be added to the next edition of the IIENetwork Handbook for International Educators. This resource includes comprehensive listings and resources for networking and internationalizing your campus is available online for members: www.iie.org/Research-and-Publications/Publications-and-Reports/IIE-Bookstore/IIENetwork-Handbook-Educators-2012. To order copies of the IIENetwork Handbook, please go to: www.iiebooks.org/iienmemdir.html.

Bond University, Australia
Membership Contact: Stuart Floyd, International Regional Manager    

Bangkok University, Thailand 
Membership Contact: Tipchan Wongchanta, Dean of International College 

University of Birmingham, UK               
Membership Contact: Angela Turton, Head of International Mobility 
Membership Contact: Jacques Faqua, Jr., Chief International Officer 

Membership Contact: Jody O'Connor, International Student Advisor 

Membership Contact: Mary Clare Cullum, Interim Director of Recruitment 

Membership Contact: Kirstin Kahaloa, Director of International Admissions 

Membership Contact: Dr. Irma Maini, Professor 

Membership Contact: Mary Conroy, Coordinator of Global Studies 

Membership Contact: Mohammad Amin, International Admission Advisor 

Membership Contact: Donald Back, Director of Language & Culture Institute 

Membership Contact: Anne-Marie Ruttenbur, Coordinator of International Education 
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An article in The Guardian reports on the strategies that Coventry University has pursued in developing international partnerships. Through these strategies Coventry "has created 18 highly successful partnerships around the world in 14 different countries."

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Last year, the Minister of Research and Higher Education in Norway, Tora Aasland, launched a new North America Strategy for Higher Education Cooperation 2012-2015. The purpose of the strategy is to further strengthen the cooperation between Norwegian higher education institutions and their partners in the United States and Canada. 

The main priorities of the strategy are:
  • Collaboration at government level and network arenas
  • Institutional partnerships and stronger correlation between higher education and research collaboration
  • Mobility of students and staff 
The main measures under the strategy will be a new call in the Partnership Program with North America, project funding, and the establishment of arenas for increased cooperation with Canada.

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