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April 25, 2012 In This Issue
Study Abroad
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Last week, the Institute of International Education led a delegation of high-level officials representing 18 U.S. higher education institutions to Brazil to meet with potential partner campuses and learn about Brazilian higher education. Based on the intensive weeklong visit, the delegation has issued key findings and recommendations for furthering U.S.-Brazil educational cooperation, including the need to address language barriers, expand the capacity to host short-term study abroad students, and develop more avenues for cooperation at the community college level.

The study tour was part of IIE's yearlong International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP) for Brazil. The delegation found that U.S. and Brazilian institutions are equally committed to building long-term institutional relationships, which either expand on existing faculty relationships, or are based on new strategic priorities. Many Brazilian institutions have well-developed relationships with European institutions, and are now seeking to develop mutually beneficial and sustainable institutional relationships with U.S. campuses.

To learn more about the key findings from the study tour, as well as the priorities articulated by Brazilian educators for developing international partnerships, please visit www.iie.org/Who-We-Are/News-and-Events/Press-Center/Press-Releases/2012/04-24-2012-IAPP-Brazil-Delegation.

IIE will also offer an International Education Partnership Program for Brazil in 2013. Applications will be accepted starting September 1. For more information, please visit: www.iie.org/iapp.
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A blog post on the U.S. Department of State’s blog by Ann Stock details her travels through Brazil with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. As Assistant Secretary Stock noted, "People-to-people exchange programs dominated the Education Working Group conversation. President Obama and President Rousseff have made academic and research collaboration a priority between the United States and Brazil, and both are encouraging more study abroad with their complementary '100,000 Strong in the Americas' and 'Science Without Borders' initiatives."

To read the full blog post, please visit: http://blogs.state.gov/index.php/site/entry/brazil_global_partnership_dialogue_education.
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The Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE) starts today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More than 500 university educators, government representatives, and private sector representatives will gather during this three-day event. The latest trends, best practices in internationalization, and inter-American efforts made to build a common area for higher education will be addressed.

A rich program will be offered to participants, including a plenary debate on university mobility and on government scholarship programs, in which Jorge Guimarães, President of CAPES, will participate. This topic will be of high interest, as Brazil launched the program Science Without Borders a few months ago, which offers scholarships to 100,000 Brazilian students. In addition, Rajika Bhandari, the director of the recently launched Center for Academic Mobility Research at the Institute of International Education, will offer a special workshop on collecting data on international student mobility, focusing on national level approaches and challenges.

For more information, please visit: www.caie-caei.org.
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A four-part article in the spring 2012 issue of IIENetworker magazine examines four key aspects of faculty internationalization. These include: curriculum internationalization, international partnerships, administrative structure, and building intercultural competence.

To read the full article, please visit: www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/naylor/IIEB0112/index.php#/38.
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Next week, the Institute of International Education will launch a first-ever survey to capture data on U.S. student participation in a wide range of educational activities in China, including internships, volunteering, and independent research abroad. Collecting data on U.S. students who partake in an array of education programs in China as part of their higher education experience will provide a more accurate picture of outbound student mobility in the U.S. as well as institutional engagement with China.

This new data will also help institutions better understand the full extent of international activity of their students and contribute to good practices of tracking international activity. The results of the survey, which will be shared with respondents in fall 2012, will also allow institutions to benchmark their institutional engagement with China.

The survey will be sent to study abroad offices at institutions across the U.S. If you are a respondent for your institution, IIE would appreciate your participation in this endeavor. For questions about this research, please contact Raisa Belyavina, Senior Research Officer, at atlas@iie.org.
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Fall 2012 marks the 30th consecutive year that the Institute of International Education will host the U.S. Higher Education Fairs in Asia. From September 18-November 11, 2012, IIE will host 14 fairs in China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The IIE Higher Education Fair series provides a unique opportunity for accredited U.S. colleges and universities to expand their presence throughout Asia. School representatives will interact face-to-face with thousands of qualified students, expand academic exchanges by partnering with local universities and colleges, and network with local governmental higher education officials and U.S. consulate staff.

Students and parents will have an opportunity to ask important questions, evaluate various schools and their academic programs, and begin planning their future. Last year more than 15,000 students interested in pursuing higher education in the United States attended the IIE Higher Education Fair series. Students attending IIE’s Higher Education Fair series will receive IIE’s Study America guide, a source for comprehensive information on U.S. colleges and universities and studying in the United States.

A new online registration and payment system is available at www.iie.org/fairs, a site designed to ensure institutions, students, and sponsors can access all relevant fair information. Registration is open now. For questions, please contact ufairs@iie.org.
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September 28-29, 2012
Kensington Town Hall
London, United Kingdom

Registration is now open for USA College Day London 2012. On September 28-29, 2012, the US-UK Fulbright Commission will host its annual College Day in Central London. Due to popularity, an additional evening session has been added on Friday at no additional cost.

About the Event: In its 35th year, USA College Day is the oldest and largest fair of its kind in Europe and typically attracts 3,000+ visitors and over 100 exhibitors. College Day provides a cost-effective way to reach thousands of prospective UK students at one time.

To register, please visit www.fulbright.co.uk/fulbrightuniversitycollegedayregistration. The early registration fee is $575. For more information, please email collegeday@fulbright.co.uk.
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Final Application Deadline: April 30, 2012

Knowledgeable about doctoral study in the EU? Apply to be a PromoDoc Ambassador!

PromoDoc, a European Union-supported initiative, is seeking 25 Ambassadors to increase awareness of doctoral-level study in Europe. Over a 13-month period, PromoDoc Ambassadors will serve as resources to prospective U.S. and Canadian students, advising students on life in Europe and on selecting, applying for, and enrolling in doctoral programs.

Specifically, PromoDoc seeks applicants who possess:

  • A doctoral degree
  • Deep knowledge of doctoral education in Europe
  • Knowledge of the modern European Union
  • A willingness to serve as a resource to prospective U.S. and Canadian students interested in pursuing doctoral-level study in Europe 
  • Enthusiasm and motivation
  • Close links to higher education in the U.S. or Canada, fostering access to U.S. and Canadian students
  • A willingness to research and help advise students on doctoral program opportunities in the EU.

Applicants can be any nationality, and must be based in the U.S. or Canada from September 2012-October 2013 and available to attend a training session in New York City on September 27-28, 2012 (travel costs and lodging expenses will be reimbursed). Ambassadors receive an honorarium of 1200€ for the services provided.

The application deadline is April 30.

To download the application and for more information about the PromoDoc Ambassadors Network, visit: www.promodoc.eu/ambassadors-network.

With questions, please email ambassadors@promodoc.eu.

PromoDoc is supported by the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union and implemented by Campus France, DAAD, Nuffic, British Council, Eurodoc, and the Institute of International Education. For more information about PromoDoc, please visit www.promodoc.eu.

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Proposal Deadline: May 26, 2012

Accredited U.S. higher education institutions are invited to submit proposals to host the on-campus portion of the Fall 2012 EducationUSA Training Institute (October 21-27, 2012). In addition to reimbursement for adviser expenses (lodging, food, transportation, materials), campus hosts will receive an honorarium of $6,000.

About the EducationUSA Training Institute
The EducationUSA Training Institute is an intensive training and professional development program designed to provide EducationUSA advisers with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their effectiveness and build professional competency. Each two-week EducationUSA Training Institute is comprised of a Washington, DC-based workshop and an on-campus training element.

The on-campus portion of the "EducationUSA Training Institute: Enhancing Advising Expertise" (Level 2) program will take place October 21-27, 2012. The Level 2 program is designed for experienced advisers with a firm grasp of the basic skills and knowledge needed to perform their jobs, and a successful track record of working with students. Building on their previous training as well as their professional experience, the program will increase advisers’ depth of knowledge on key topics related to advising students, supporting U.S. institutions, managing an advising center, and representing and advocating for EducationUSA to a variety of audiences.

Host Campus Responsibilities
In close collaboration with EducationUSA staff, host campuses will design and carry out the on-campus portion of the training program. Campus responsibilities include securing faculty and staff to deliver training sessions, providing on-campus meeting space and other facilities, and arranging all program logistics, including lodging, meals, and transportation.

For more information and to download the application, visit: www.educationusa.info/conferences/workshop/professional_development/. Questions about the program, hosting responsibilities, or the host campus application should be directed to Matt Washburn, Program Officer, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, washburnmp@state.gov.
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Proposal Deadline: Rolling
Funding Period: April 1, 2012-March 13, 2013

The Japan Foundation (JF) is pleased to announce the "Japan-America Collegiate Exchange Travel Program" initiative. To facilitate exchange and understanding between Japan and the U.S., the Japan Foundation will provide travel funds to Japan primary for undergraduates and one faculty member. Instructors teaching a Japan-related course at U.S. universities or colleges are invited to apply for a grant to help fund a short-term study-tour to Japan, while incorporating the visit into course syllabi and itineraries arranged to build on and enrich course contents. The goal is to provide students with firsthand experience that will allow them to gain a more nuanced and balanced understanding of Japan.

The proposal deadline is rolling, and the funding period is between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2012. The maximum amount of funding is $2,500 per student and project director, plus $3,500 for group expenses.

For more information, please visit: www.jfny.org/japanese_studies/collegiate_exchange_travel_program.html.

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Study Abroad
The Institute of International Education has just published the 2012 edition of IIEPassport: The Complete Guide to Study Abroad Programs. The IIEPassport study abroad directory has been the industry standard for more than sixty years, helping thousands of students identify and select study abroad programs.

The 2012 directory includes in one convenient volume both short-term and long-term programs and is divided usefully into four world regions: Asia & Oceania, Africa & the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe.

It contains thousands of study abroad program listings offered by U.S. and foreign universities and study abroad providers, along with key information on funding opportunities for study abroad experiences. In addition, the directory features content provided exclusively by the Forum on Education Abroad that includes key tips on how students can have a successful study abroad experience.

This directory along with the www.IIEPassport.org online database are the most comprehensive resources to planning study abroad for students, parents, and advisers.

For more information, and to order a copy of the book, please visit: www.iie.org/en/Research-and-Publications/Publications-and-Reports/IIE-Bookstore/IIEPassport-2012.
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IIE is pleased to announce the launch of new IIEPassport Study Abroad Columns to help students throughout the entire study abroad process.

The columns are:

These columnists will be posting throughout the year on a variety of topics that are relevant to students who are applying for or currently on a study abroad program.

We also encourage you to visit and "like" the new IIEPassport Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IIEPassport.

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