International Education in the News

African Governments Invest in Skills in Sciences, Engineering, and Technology
With seed funds from the World Bank Group, several African nations have launched the Regional Scholarship and Innovative fund to help bridge Africa’s skills gap and build capacity in key sectors, such as food and agriculture and health. — World Bank Group

U.S. Men Aren’t Interested in ‘Life-Changing’ Rhetoric of Studying Abroad
Report suggests that men may be more responsive to goal-oriented rather than experience-oriented messaging about study abroad. — Times Higher Education

Collaboration Over Competition: How U.S. Institutions Should Adapt to the Growth of the Asian Higher Ed Market
Alessia Lefebure, co-editor of Asia: The Next Higher Education Superpower, describes Asian higher education transformation and growth in the past 15 years and urges U.S. institutions to embrace the changes taking placing "in the whole playing field." —

The PIE Chat: Jane Kucko, Texas Christian University, USA
Texas Christian University’s Jane Kucko discusses her IIE Heiskell Award-winning Global Citizenship program, which uses virtual reality to interact with students and scholars from countries that currently have U.S. State Department warnings or alerts. — The PIE News

The Apostle of Internationalism: Stephen Duggan and the Geopolitics of International Education
This new paper explores IIE’s origins in 1919, and in particular the imperative of its founding director Stephen Duggan to position the United States as a beacon of educational exchange during the interwar period. — Political Geography