IIE Blog: Additional 100 Girls in Ethiopia Awarded the HER Scholarship
A second round of 11th grade girls was selected by a panel of Ethiopian leaders to receive academic skill building and leadership development to help them matriculate to university. IIE Vice President Edith Cecil shares about these future leaders. — IIE Opening Minds Blog

Helping Our Students to Study Abroad: Trends and Advice
IIE Senior Research Officer Christine A. Farrugia draws from this year’s Open Doors report to share some of the latest trends in outbound student mobility as well as some advice on where to focus our energy toward expanding U.S. study abroad. — Education Week

Internships Abroad: Unpaid, With a $10,000 Price Tag
Students seeking a foothold in a global marketplace have caused demand for internships abroad to surge. According to Open Doors, almost 15,000 Americans interned, worked, or volunteered abroad for no credit in 2012-13, the article reports. — New York Times

Obama Agrees to Send 1,000 Academics a Year to India
While similar arrangements between China and the United States and between India and other countries yielded benefits, some academics in India are skeptical of the new U.S.-India proposal. — University World News