Special Summer Sale: IIE Policy Research Books

For over 50 years, books and reports published by the Institute of International Education have been a standard reference resources for students and advisors alike. Annual publications such as Open Doors, Funding for United States Study, and the IIEPassport Study Abroad Directory are key resources that offer comprehensive information on student mobility and study abroad programs, grants, and fellowships. IIE's research reports and policy papers serve as a rapid response to the changing landscape of international education. 

We encourage you to learn more about our publications online at www.iie.org/publications. On this site, you can download briefing papers and presentations on myriad topics related to international education, and browse through an archive of IIE's reports. 

Take advantage of the current sale on IIE’s www.iiebooks.org store; 20% discount on all Global Education Research Reports, including: 
Order online at www.iiebooks.org before August 15 and use discount code: iiemember