Article: In India, Path to Partnerships

An article in Inside Higher Ed reports on new regulations that India’s University Grants Commission has placed on foreign university partnerships. According to these regulations, "in order to be eligible to offer joint degrees or other twinning programs, foreign universities must be listed among the top 500 in the Times Higher Education or Shanghai Jiaotong University world rankings, while Indian universities must have received the highest grade from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council or the National Board of Accreditation."

Daniel Obst, the deputy vice president for international partnerships at the Institute of International Education as well as the director of the International Academic Partnership Program to India, noted that he understands "the UGC’s interest in assuring the high quality of joint and double degree programs between Indian universities and their counterparts abroad. However, limiting such collaborative degree programs to those institutions that appear in the top 500 listed in the Times Higher Ed or Shanghai Jiaotong rankings would restrict students’ access to programs offered by a wide range of excellent institutions worldwide."

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